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15 October episode details, Bigg Boss 14 episode 13 written updates and full highlights

 Episode 13 of Voot Bigg Boss 14 started with timing 7:30 PM of day 12 in the house. Let's catch highlights and quick details of the episode in this bigg boss 14 episode 13 written updates. The episode was aired on 15 October 2020, Thursday 10:30 PM.

15 October episode details, Bigg Boss 14 episode 13 written updates and full highlights

Nikki teases Jaan Sanu by calling 'Bhai-Jaan'. Nikki tells Rahul and Nishant that Jaan is a little upset with her as she made team b winners in the task. Nishant tells Jaan will only speak whatever is told him only. Nikki agrees and laughs.

Nishant tells Jaan that he is liking all the injuries during the task as they have won the task. Jaan tells Nishant that their team also played well but in the end, all the things are on sanchalak. Jaan adds that Nishant's team coordination was better.

Shehzad tells Jaan that if Nikki is his good friend, then why she just favored Rahul and Nishant only. Shehzad also tells that Nishant came to him after completing the task for the handshake but he refused. 

Jaan and Nikki discuss Nikki's decision. Jaan tells that he was also part of her side but he is never been considered. Jaan tells that he is done with being friends with all. Jaan tells that he only considers Nishant, Jaan, and Nikki as friends. Jaan tells Nikki that she is not considering him as a friend. Jaan also adds some talks of Nikki hurts a lot. Nikki asks about the things but Jaan refuses to tell it.

jaan and nikki discussing friendship 15 october episode

Nikki tells Jaan that Jasmin always plays a sympathy game. Instead, she should try to win the task. Nikki tells that she hates this kind of person. Nikki tells Jaan that she was not biased in the task. Jaan tells Nikki that she was biased very much during the task. Nikki disagree with Jaan and gives her reason to make team b winner.

Later, Nikki tells housemates that she will not do chopping from tomorrow. Rahil tells Nikki to help in the bathroom. Nikki refuses it by telling that she is a confirmed contestant now so she will not work. Nikki tells that she is creating this option of not work for a week. 

Three seniors, Sidharth, Hina, and Gauhar are sitting and talking. Sidharth tells Hina and Gauhar that today is his father's birthday. Sidharth tells that his father was very strong and shares a story of when he used to drop Sidharth at school. 

sidharth discussing with hina and gauhar on his fathers birthday


Sidharth tells both the seniors that lucky are those people who have parents living together. Sidharth tells that he was doing modeling when his father passed away. Sidharth adds that his father's willpower was amazing and on an extra level.

Jasmin tells Rubina and Abhinav that she will never abuse anybody in the house. Abhinav tells that it is an insecurity of a person if he or she abuses you. Jasmin tells them that Nikki is doing drama for work now. Rubina tells Jasmin not to believe Nikki. Rubina adds that if Nikki will not chop vegetables, no food will be cooked. Rubina tells not to give Nikki a point to create the drama.

Late night, Pavitra goes to the mall and hugs to the statue for a while as she might be feeling lonely. Day 13 in the house starts with the song mery style bhi sexy song.  

Sidharth asks Pavitra about her change in nature. Sidharth asks if she has become more mature or what. Pavitra replies that she is more sensible now than earlier. Sidharth tells Pavitra that bigg boss is not about household work nor being God and Goddess. Sidharth advises Pavitra to bring her fearless side out in the house.  

Rubina asks Nikki for chopping and Nikki denies to do telling that she is senior now. Rubina tells that even seniors are doing work. Jasmin tells that it is cheap that they have to fight for their own tasks. Abhinav tells Rubina that if there is no chopping then they will make lunch only for them(Rubina and Abhinav). 

Nikki tells Rubina to chop the vegetables. Rubina tells Nikki to speak louder. Nikki tells Rubina that she is already speaking louder but she has hairs on her ears so not able to listen. 

Hina tries to understand Nikki that it is her duty to do the housework. She is still a contestant not a senior but it is her choice to do the work. 

Jaan tells Nishant about Rubina and Abhinav that this husband-wife pair drag conversation to different angles to defend each other. Nishant tells that all can see it.

Bigg Boss calls housemates in the leaving area for a new task to get personal things back. In the task, bigg boss will call two freshers in the day time. Those two freshers have to collect the balls coming from pipes. At the end of the task, the fresher, who has the most balls in the basket wins the task and will get his or her personal luggage back. Loser fresher's luggage will be taken away from the mall. Seniors will count the balls and announces the winner at the end of the task.

Pavitra and Rubina are called first for the task. Pavitra wins the task. Bigg Boss congratulates Pavitra and allows her to take her luggage from the BB mall. 

The next task will be played between Eijaz and Rahul. Eijaz wins the task and his things from the mall. 

Nishant and Shehzad are called for the next round of the task.  Nishant wins the task and luggage as well.

Nishant tells his group members that they can not expect loyalty from Eijaz. Bigg Boss announces the stop of the task because of rain.

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