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Bigg Boss really turned the table in Bigg Boss 14 30 October Episode and Day 28 Full episode written updates

Bigg Boss 14 30 October Episode and Day 28 Full episode Written updates: Eijaz's emotional breakdown, Bigg boss really turned the tables, and Bigg Boss 14 nomination updates left everybody in shock. Check all these interesting Bigg Boss 14 updates of the 30 Oct Episode.

Bigg Boss 14 30 October Episode and Day 28 Full episode written updates

Eijaz was looking very upset with Kavita's behavior with him. Shardul tried to understand him and advised not to take all those things in mind. Eijaz told Shardul that he has earned the respect with hard work. Shardul told Eijaz not to get affected by such things. Eijaz replied you get affected by your own people. 

Eijaz cried in front of Nikki Tamboli. Eijaz told Nikki that Kavita brought her back from the red zone and he has sent her there. Eijaz added that his brother was right about him as he has no sense of people. 

Day 27 6:00 PM: Bigg boss called all the housemates in the garden area for the swapping task. Bigg Boss called Jaan to nominate any of the members from the green zone. Jaan called Nishant for swapping. Eijaz approved the swapping and Jaan came to the green zone and Nishant in the red zone.

Jaan and Nikki were looked teasing Eijaz on the name of Pavitra. Eijaz advised them not to do that as he has nothing in his heart. At the same time, in the red zone, Nishant was telling Rahul that Kavita brought Eijaz back and Eijaz put her in the red zone, Nishant was fighting for Jaan and Jaan put Nishant in the red zone.

Day 27 6:45 PM: One more round of the swapping task began. Bigg Boss called Rahul for this time. Rahul called Jasmin for the swapping. After some arguments, Eijaz allowed swapping by telling them that he wanted to give one chance to Rahul. 

Nishant called Eijaz the biggest fraud in the country. Kavita has seen telling Pavitra to be careful in relation to Eijaz. Pavitra told Kavita that it was a bad thing to betray friendship. 

Day 27 7:45 PM: The final round of the swapping task. Pavitra called Rubina for the process. After a heated debate between them, Eijaz allowed this swapping. Pavitra in the Green zone and Rubina in the red zone.

All the four red zone members are now green zone members and the new red zone members are Nishant, Kavita, Rubina, and Jasmin. Bigg boss also told that these four contestants are nominated for the elimination this week.

Day 28 8:00 PM: The new day started with the song Sauda Khara Khara. Eijaz went to the red zone members and asked about their wellness. Jasmin told Eijaz that he sent them there and now asking about wellness. Eijaz told it was his duty to ask. Rubina told Kavita and Jasmin that Eijaz came to stay in the good book and to show himself good.

Pavitra told Eijaz that she is attached to him. The bonding between these two was looking lovely.

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