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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Seniors clash, Sidharth in vintage mode in Bigg Boss 14 episode 14 Written update and full episode highlights


Bigg Boss 14 episode 14 Written update and full episode highlights 16 october

Bigg Boss 14 episode 14 got highlighted as seniors get into a fight over the decision to declare the winner of the task. To date, seniors were all together in happy mode despite of differences. But in the 16 October episode, the differences between Sidharth Shukla and Hina-Guahar Khan came to light.

Bigg Boss announced the task in 15 October episode 13. In the task, freshers have to collect balls in the basket. The highest getter will get luggage back from the mall as per bigg boss announced. The task was paused because of rain a day before. 

Abhinav - Jaan and Nikki - Jasmin have to play the task to get their luggage back from the BB mall. First, Abhinav beat Jaan and won the task. Later, it was a battle between Nikki and Jasmin.

Bigg Boss told that Nikki has already won her luggage but by this play, she can show her personality to the viewers. Nikki and Jasmin already have fights in the house. So battle was going to be heated for sure.

The buzzer rang and both started collecting the balls as quickly as possible. After some time, Nikki tried to clinch the basket of Jasmin and the fight begins. Both got into an ugly fight to destroy the baskets of each other. 

Hina was supporting Jasmin during the task as Jasmin has a shortage of clothes and luggage. Sidharth told Hina to play them their ways but Hina said it is her decision and she will support Jasmin during the task.

At the end of the task, both Nikki and Jasmin have torn baskets. Nikki has a smaller part of the basket with balls while Jasmin has a bigger portion of the basket. And this was the root of the fight between seniors.

According to Sidharth, both the baskets are destroyed so nobody is the winner of this task and it is a draw. Hina and Gauhar here differed with Sidharth telling that Jasmin has a bigger part of the basket so she is the winner of this task.

The difference and discussion turned into a fight while Sidharth raised his voice and so Gauhar and Hina. The high voltage discussion occurred for a while. To stop the fight, Sidharth agreed to declare Jasmin the winner.

Bigg Boss allowed Jasmin to take her luggage from the mall. Rubina shouted for women power. Sidharth asked Rubina about this and again the temperature of the bigg boss house raised. Nishant and Jaan also seen in favor of Sidharth Shukla.

Abhinav and Rubina also came in the aim of the housemates. Rubina and Abhinav told that they will only make lunch if they will get chopped vegetables. Gauhar tried to understand that chopping is not a separate duty. It is a part of cooking.

Gauhar added that Jasmin and Pavitra also chopping vegetables by themselves during their duty in the kitchen. But Rubina and Abhinav didn't want to understand and not in the mood to let it go. The discussion will continue in today's episode as seen in the promo.

What are your thoughts about this voot bigg boss 14 episode? Tell us via comments. Who was right in the seniors? Stay tuned for the bigg boss 14 updates and latest news.

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