Rubina's emotional revelation, Eviction in Bigg Boss 14 7 February Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 14 Latest News Today: Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 14 7 February episode in a better manner than the 6 February episode. In the Saturday episode, Salman Khan was very angry with the housemates for their behavior in the house. Let's catch all the important Bigg Boss 14 Updates of the Weekend Ka Vaar Episode.


Salman, on the stage, told that he does not like such things at all but to make the housemates realize, he has to behave like this. He was taken for granted by the housemates so it was required.

Salman asked the housemates whether he was right or wrong in the Saturday weekend ka Vaar episode or not. All the housemates replied that he was right. Salman also made Devoleena understand that she has taken Arshi's comment in a different way. Arshi has not spoken in that manner.

Later, Salman asked the meaning of the word Tharki spoken by Rakhi and words like Nich, Ghatiya, and Gandi Aurat to Abhinav. Salaman asked Abhinav which words are worst and chip. Abhinav agreed that words were spoken by him and Rubina was worst and mean.

Salman asked Rubina what you think that you are going right in the show. Rubina replied that she has lost the understanding currently. Salman told Rubina that she wants to win every argument at any cost. She does not want to listen to anybody.

Salman asked Jyokika, Rubina's sister, Do Rubina same in the house as here. Jyotika replied that she is not like this. Nobody is understanding her point of view. Jyotika also told that she will make Rubina understand the things once she enters the house.

Salman asked Rubina that it looks that you are s strong woman but very opinionated. Are you the same in the real world? Rubina replied that she was like before 7- 8 years ago. She had an issue with her parents. She has also lost her relationship because of her behavior and she had suicidal tendencies. But she worked on this and came out of this. But in the house, it again started.

Salman Khan also declared Bigg boss 14 elimination today. Salman told that Arshi has got the least votes and she is going to evict from the house.

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