Bigg Boss 15 Voting Online- How to vote for your favorite contestant ?

Bigg Boss 15 Voting OnlineBigg Boss 15 is started and as per its reputation it has started well under the hosting of Salman Khan. So how to save your favorite contestant to get eliminated from the house? Here is the step-by-step process of Bigg Boss 15 Voting to save your favorite BB13 contestants.  

Bigg Boss Nominations for Eviction

Every week, contestants from the house, also called housemates, nominates the other housemates from the nomination process. 

Contestants, who get the maximum votes for eviction get nominated for the elimination. This is the only process of nomination for Bigg Boss house. 

There is one more possibility of getting nominated for the elimination and it is breaking the rules of Bigg boss house. If a contestant breaks the rule of the Bigg boss house, it can lead them to nominations. 

There are certain cases in the previous seasons of Bigg boss where housemates are nominated for the whole season for breaking the rules. It also leads to the disqualification of the housemate if any critical rule is broken like hitting someone in the house.

After nominations, the contestant who gets the lesser votes among all the nominated housemates gets eliminated from the house.

There are certain times we found that the deserving candidates got eliminated just because of lesser votes than other nominated contestants. Even Salman Khan has told this time that first-week eviction is like an injustice for someone as people do not know much about new contestants.

Voting Process for Bigg Boss 15

So how to vote for your favorite contestant so he remains in the show for a long time and can win the show. Here is the voting process for Bigg boss season 15. 

Read this carefully to vote for your favorite contestant and help them to win the show. Also, it is important to vote as fewer votes can lead your favorite contestant to eviction from the house.

In Bigg Boss 15, you can vote for your favorite contestants in 3 ways. 
  1. Through SMS
  2. Through Online Voting
  3. Through VOOT Mobile App

How to vote through SMS for Bigg Boss 15?

To save your favorite contestant you can vote for them via SMS from your mobile phone.
  • Go to the message on your mobile phone and create a new message.
  • Type keyword of the contestant you want to save in the textbox.
  • At the end send the message to 56882.
This was the process of Bigg boss voting through your mobile phone SMS. You can also call it the offline voting process.

NOTE: Voting through SMS is not been open till now, so you have to vote through the VOOT website or Voot Mobile App.

How to vote online for your favorite Bigg boss 15 contestants?

Bigg Boss 15 Voting banner on Voot Official website
  • To vote online for your favorite contestant, first, visit the official VOOT website
  • Now you will found the Bigg boss banner written "vote now" shown above.
  • When you click on "vote now", a new box will open as shown in the image. You have to register yourself there. You can register via Facebook and Google profiles.

Registration and login form on Voot website
  • You can vote for your favorite contestants after login in there.

Bigg Boss 15 Voting through VOOT Mobile Application

You can also vote for your favorite housemate from the VOOT mobile application. You have to download the official VOOT app on your mobile for that purpose.

So, here was the details about Bigg boss 15 votings online or how to vote for your favorite Bigg Boss contestant. Hope you find it useful. 

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