LIVE UPDATE Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 Winner

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Prediction

Hello Bigg boss lover ! You like Bigg Boss 11 show very much and the same we too and that is the reason that made you come here for the bigg boss 11 winner prediction. Every single bigg boss fan love to watch the show as their favorite celebrity contestants are facing the camera 24*7 and they can watch them doing almost all the activities as a common man. The show is very popular among Indian people and that is the reason that everyone wants to know that who will win bigg boss 11So in this article we are doing bigg boss 11 winner prediction and trying to get the possible winner of bigg boss 11 and analyze all the contestants which are currently in the house.

Till the bigg boss 11 winner gets decided on the finale night, you can check bigg boss winners from the previous bigg boss seasons as we will update bb11 winner name with photo there too.

Before we get to bigg boss 11 winner section and you read this complete story, let us dig some info about bigg boss 11 details.

Bigg boss 11 was started on 1st October, 2017 with it's famous host Salman Khan and previous season's hit formula of getting commoners in the house. Bigg Boss 11 was launched with the theme of Padosi with 19 contestants. The bigg boss 11 finale is going to happen on 14th January and that will be 105th day of the show. Bigg Boss 10 also have 105 days. Bigg boss has always been a controversial reality show of Indian television history.

Bigg Boss 11 Finale Live Update:

The grand finale of bb11 is live now and we will give you updates about bb11 finale and bigg boss winner of season 11.

  • Punish Sharma is eliminated very first on the finale day. Now Vikash, Hina and Shilpa are in the race of bigg boss 11 winner. Punish's parents entered in the house and bring him out from the house.
  • Akshay Kumar will go in the house and eliminate one more finalist within few moments. Akshay Kumar performed with Dhinchak Pooja with Salman Khan on the scooter. Akshay drive scooter with Salman Khan and Dhinchak Pooja is singing songs.
  • Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar's dance with Sapna Chaudhary on the song Mujhse Shadi Karogi!
  • Vikas Gupta is evicted now. Akshay Kumar pressed the button and statue of Vikash got burst and that's it. Yes Vikas is eliminated. Now battle of bigg boss winner is between Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan.
  • Live voting will be open now.
  • Votings lines are closed now.
  • Yes, Shilpa Shinde did it. Bigg Boss 11 winner is Shilpa Shinde. A wonderful bigg boss journey ended now and that bring us new winner and she is Shilpa Shinde. Shilpa Shinde is the winner of bigg boss 11. Hina Khan became the first runners up. Shilpa Shinde won the bigg boss trophy with 44 Lakhs INR as a winning money.


Bigg Boss 11 Winner

Every year bigg boss come with new season and with some celebrity contestants. Since Bigg Boss 10, house was open for common people too. And the very first time, bigg boss winner was a commoner. As Bigg boss winner was a commoner it give very popularity to the show and bigg boss 11 was also launched with the same concept as bigg boss 10. Bigg Boss 11 winner name will be decided on the finale night and one of the finalists who will get highest votes, be the bigg boss 11 winner.

Winner of Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 winner will be decided on the finale day and highest vote gainer will be the winner of bigg boss 11. Contestants who will play fair and gain the people's vote, will go through finale and have a chance to become winner of bigg boss 11. We will update the winner section soon as the winner will be declared. Keep visiting bigg boss 11 for the latest updates and till that let us discuss that who will be the winner of Bigg Boss Season 11.

Who will win Bigg Boss 11

Now Bigg Boss 11 is heading towards it's finale and there are very few contestants left in the house. As the finale of Bigg Boss 11 is coming close, as a bigg boss lover or a die hard bigg boss fan a genuine question arise in our mind that who will win Bigg Boss 11. We also want to know about the finalists of bigg boss season 11. 
In this section, we are discussing the possible finalists of BB11 and will try to find the answer of the question like who will be finalists of bigg boss 11 and which contestant has more chance to win the show.

  • Vikas Gupta : Among all the contestants in bigg boss 11 house, Vikas has highest chance to become one of the finalists and to win the show. After initial disputes with Shilpa Shinde Vikas wants to leave the show and was quite depressed with the harassement of Shilpa Shinde. But once getting overcome from that incident, Vikas Gupta has played really well and has also become a top contender of Bigg Boss 11. Vikas has played very fair in almost all the situations and has a good grip over few of contestants. But Vikas is going a bit low as per his calibar since he has lost his 2 best friends Hiten Tejwani and Arshi Khan back to back in less number of days and we can see him going little emotional and the housemates are teasing him by calling cry baby. But this cry baby is a master mind too and can change the game anytime in his favour as he is already reached in the semi finale week.

  • Shipla Shinde : After Vikas Gupta, the obvious and powerful name for the finalist is Shilpa Shinde. Shilpa is playing very well and also one of the very popular faces inside and outside the house. Shilpa is considered strong because at one time Shilpa has almost got Vikas Gupta out from the house. She has also improved her game week by week and also a kitchen mate who keeps all the care of cooking requirements of the house. So if there will not happen any major twist, Shilpa Shinde will be in the top contestants and has a fair chance to win the show.


  • Hina Khan :  After Vikas and Shilpa, the highest possibility to become bigg boss finalist and win the title of bigg boss 11. Hina Khan is very strong and also have a fan following as she is one of the famous television faces. Hina has played very strong in the game and has a good chance to win the game. A negative point for Hina is that she is looking selfish and arrogant at many phases of the show. She has been very annoying and manner less at many times also she has done disrespect of many famous names many times during the show. She always put herself above everyone and everything else. She is kind of Karishma Tanna of Bigg Boss 11. But still she is a strong player and a good contender of Bigg Boss 11 title.

  • hina-khan-bigg-boss-11-winner-prediction

These are the main possible winner of bigg boss season 11 but there are other contestants too who can be game changer as we have also seen that in the previous bigg boss seasons. Not going too far, in bigg boss season 10,  Manveer Gurjar won bb10 show beating Bani J in the show. Manveer was a common man while Bani was a celebrity contestant bit Manveer managed enough to grab the trophy. So anything can happen as it is totally depend on how many votes a contestants will get. So there are chances for other players too who can win bigg boss 11. Let us discuss the other names.

Bigg Boss 11 winner 2018 possible candidates

We have discussed the winner of bigg boss 11 in this article just above section but what if any shocking result comes and winner be other than the discussed candidates that is Vikas, Shilpa and Hina. If such happens than that will be one of the major upsets we have ever seen in the history of bigg boss. But that could also be possible as bigg boss is totally unpredictable and people can make any one from the house as bigg boss winner. 

In the absense of three big names of the show the remaining contestants are Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi, Punish Sharma and Aakash Dadlani. And in this case Luv Tyagi has the highest probability of winning the show as Priyank Sharma is eliminated from the house. Luv Tyagi is also eliminated from the bb house. Now only commoners in the house are Punish Sharma and Akash Dadlani.

Punish sharma can also win the show as he has smartly played in the game. Initially he played with the love angel with Bandagi Kalra and later he has made various needful association with Aakash, Shilpa and Vikas Gupta. Punish Sharma also eliminated on the finale day. He evicted first from the four finalists.

Bigg Boss 11 Top 5 Contestants :

The top 5 contestants for bigg boss season 11 is now clear and bigg boss season 11 winner will be one of this top 5 contestants. The contestants who have reached to the finale week are:
  1. Vikas Gupta
  2. Shilpa Shinde
  3. Hina Khan
  4. Punish Sharma
  5. Akash Dadlani

Bigg Boss 11 Finale Date :

As we have discussed that bb11 winner will be declared on the night of finale and the answer will given that who is the bigg boss winner 2018. So the wait for bigg boss finale is over and the finale date is declared.

Bigg boss finale will one of the grand show of 2018. All the participants will be again on the same platform and they will try to create the same magic again. Viewers will also be able to watch their beloved but eliminated housemates again on the bb11 finale stage . The finale will be the grand show of 2 to 3 hours with couple of dance performances of the contestants and later there will be declaration of winner of bigg boss season 11. Contestant who will get highest public votes will win the bigg boss 11. Winner of bigg boss 11 will get a winning trophy along with prize money of 50 lakhs.

Bigg boss season 11 finale date: 14th January, 2018. Sunday.

Get ready for the high voltage finale of bigg boss season 11 to get the winner of bigg boss season 11. 14th january will be great day for us as it is Makar Sankranti in India and also have some similar festivals all over in India and we have bigg boss finale. Bigg boss finale is nothing less than a festival for the bigg boss fan. 

Now that's all from us now for Bigg Boss 11 winner prediction. Bigg Boss 11 winner name is going to be declared soon and all the questions will be answered very soon. Do not forget to share this article and give your possible bigg boss 11 winner name in the comment box.

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