Everything About Bigg Boss : House Location Rules

Everything About Bigg Boss House Location Rules: Salman Khan is all set to host the 14th season of the famous television reality show Bigg Boss. The show is very popular in India by its unique concept and entertaining factor. Bigg Boss 14 online registration will start soon as commoners are also going to be part of Bigg Boss season 14.

Bigg Boss will be telecasted on the colors channel in prime time. As the Bigg Boss is very popular, let us tell you about the show and Bigg Boss show concept, Bigg Boss House and Rules of the Bigg Boss house.

Initially, Bigg Boss was developed by Endemol in the Netherlands and was named Big Brother. Bigg Boss started in India in 2006 by Sony television channel. Sony channel aired this show for two years and since 2008, Bigg Boss is associated with the Colors TV channel.

During these 14 years of Bigg Boss, the show is created in many Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Kannada and the show has got superb response from the audience all over India. Fans are crazy for Bigg Boss.  

Within the time period of these 14 years, Bigg Boss has completed it's 13 seasons and its 14th season is going to be aired in the middle of October. During these 13 seasons, Bigg Boss is getting more popular season by season. Bigg Boss 13 was a tremendous success in terms of trp and popularity.

Bigg Boss has established itself as a well entertained and one of the most controversial reality shows of Indian television.

Bigg Boss Concept

Bigg Boss is the reality show based on the concept of Big Brother show in which some celebrities or well-known personalities called housemates to stay in a house without connecting to the outer world. 

In other words, housemates are isolated from the outer world. They are kept in watch under the cameras all over the house except bathroom and toilet. 

Every week, housemates nominate two or three-person for eviction and one of them is eliminated from the house on the weekend. The show lasts around 3 months and every week the eviction process is repeated. Housemates follow the instructions of a mysterious voice called Bigg Boss. 

The Bigg Boss voice is given by Atul Kapoor and narration voice and video bait voice is given by Vijay Vikram Singh.

There are three housemates in the house in the final week of the show and one of them is chosen as a winner by public votes. Winner is announced on the day of the finale by the host and winner given trophy and cash prize.

Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss house is very famous for its looks, interior, and the facilities it has. The house is built for every season with all the required things. 

The house initially located at Lonavla in Pune, Maharashtra. For the fifth season, the house was built in ND Studios, Karjat. For the 13th Season of Bigg Boss, the house was shifted to Mumbai. 

Yes, Bigg Boss 13 house was built in Filmcity, Mumbai. Almost 500 to 600 workers built the house in the span of 6 months.

Bigg Boss 14 house is likely to remain the same in Filmcity.

The Bigg Boss house is always well furnished and well decorated. The house has one or two rooms, kitchen, garden, gym, swimming pool and activity area with all the required amenities. 

There is also a room called confession room in which housemates are called for conversation and for instructions from the Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss house has no telephone, pen, paper, television, internet, and clocks, etc.

bigg boss house

Bigg Boss House Rules

Bigg Boss has it's own rules to stay in the house that makes the house interesting and hell sometimes. Every contestant in the house must have to follow the rules created by the makers and have to be in the limit of given guidelines. 

Have a look at some of the well-known rules of the Bigg Boss house

  1. One of the main rules of the house is to talk in Hindi language only. Anyone who is not talking in Hindi, breaking the biggest low of the house. However, in all the seasons, these rules are being broken very frequently.
  2. Housemates are not allowed to do physical violence in any situation. However, in Bigg Boss season 13, this rule was broken number of times by Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. But on paper, it is a serious offense, and breaking it can be the immediate result of elimination. 
  3. Housemates are not permitted to sleep in the day time. 
  4. Contestants are not allowed to show mid-way. The contestant can only leave the house after eviction or given order by Bigg Boss. If the contestant wants to quit the show, he or she has to pay a huge amount of 2 crores to the makers of the show.
  5. No pen, paper, or books are allowed in the house.
  6. They are also not permitted to discuss the nominations.
  7. Housemates are not supposed to damage the household things and also not permitted to leave the house without permission.
  8. Not a single word about the inner details of the show before media person. This can lead a legal matter to the housemate.
  9. Anyone breaking the house rules is nominated immediately or may have to leave the house.
  10. No digital device like clocks and mobile phones are allowed in the house. 
  11. Housemates are strictly informed to follow the rules from the moment they enter the house.
So this was the article about Bigg Boss House, Bigg Boss concept, Bigg boss house rules, and Bigg Boss locations. We hope that you have enjoyed the detailed we have shared here and your thoughts about this article will be appreciated. 

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