This Bigg Boss winner married on the roof in the lockdown

Ashutosh Kaushik, the winner of TV's famous reality show Bigg Boss Season 2, married his fiancée Arpita Tiwari on the roof of their house amid lockdown. Ashutosh and Arpita got married on their home in Noida on Sunday and the video of the wedding of both is now going viral on social media. Both had organized a small wedding ceremony in the presence of family members, while all the others had attended the wedding virtually.

bigg boss 2 winner got married in lockdown

At his wedding, Ashutosh was seen in plain white shirt and trouser, while the bride appeared in a red-colored wedding joda. While getting married, Panditji was seen wearing a mask and gloves.

Significantly, due to Coronavirus, a 21-day lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 March. However, this lockdown was extended to May 3, in view of the increasing number of coronavirus patients.

In a recent interview with the Times of India, Ashutosh said that long before the lockdown, both of them had decided to get married and the day was fixed and the couple did not want to pursue their marriage due to the lockdown.

He said, "We fixed the day in February and Akshaya Tritiya is considered an auspicious day to start the wedding and anything new. Because of this we decided to get married on the same day despite the lockdown. We went to Arpita's house in a car. There were 3 more people with me in this car. We also requested Panditji to wear gloves and masks. "

The winner of Bigg Boss 2 also told that the money which they both were going to spend on their wedding programs, they have donated it. He said, "If marriage is a personal matter then why spend so much money on it?" Better than this, we should give this money to the needy people. For more Voot Bigg Boss updates like this, stay with us.

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