Mahira reveals her mother's equation with Paras Chhabra

Voot Bigg Boss 13 was one of the most controversial seasons. This season brought tremendous fame to many people. Which also includes Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra. There was a lot of discussion on social media about the relationship between these two.

On these reports, Mahira and Paras accepted only friendship between themselves. At the same time, during Bigg Boss, Mahira appeared upset with Paras's habit of kissing, while Mahira's mother who reached the family episode also put Paras fiercely in class.

Mahira reveals her mother's equation with Paras Chhabra

After this incident, the fans got frustrated and thinking that maybe Mahira's mother does not like Paras but it is not like that at all. You will be shocked to know about the revelations made by Mahira recently.

Mahira Sharma recently spoke on the equation between Paras Chhabra and her mother. In an interview with Pinkvilla, she said- 'My mother likes Paras very much. She likes him more than me. She is well admired by Paras. I don't call her that much but my mother loves to talk to her on the phone, you know this happened ... and tell me what's going on? '.. Mahira looked quite happy talking about this topic.

Talking about their relationship, Mahira says- 'We were sincere to each other, and our bond is so strong that people will realize that we are very good friends. Our bond is forever. I do not get along with people so soon but now Paras is my friend, then I will carry this relationship throughout my life'.

On the linkup rumors, Mahira says that - 'People have said many things in the past too and will still keep saying and I believe that some people will say it is the work of the people. People say both good and bad things about us, but it doesn't make much difference to us'.

Let me tell you that Mahira Sharma has also appeared in a music video with Paras after coming out of Bigg Boss though it was not so popular like other Mahira Sharma videos. Share your thoughts for this story and stay tuned for more exclusive and latest Bigg boss 14 news

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