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Thursday, May 7, 2020

[Week 17] TRP of Indian Serials this Week : Check top serials and top channels of this week

TRP ratings of Indian serials this week has been declared by BARC India. This trp data is of week 17 of the year 2020. The data is from the date 25th April, 2020 to 1st May, 2020. So let us check which Indian serial has got the highest trp ratings this week and which channel is included in the list of top 10.

[Week 17] TRP of Indian Serials this Week : Check top serials and top channels of this week

Top 10 Channels of this week (25th April 2020 to 1st May 2020)

So let's check top Indian channels of this week in General Entertainment Category. Since the lockdown has been applied, Doordarshan is putting gold coins for the viewers and it is helping it to stay on the top this week too.

So like the previous week, DD National is on the top again with more impressions then last week. Last week, DD National was on the top with 1620599 impressions while this week it crossed that number too with 1667324 impressions. Old television serials are benefitting Doordarshan a lot.

Dangal Channel is on number two position like last week with the improved impressions. There is a change in number 3 and number 4 spot this week. DD Bharati comes in number 3 which was n number 4 last week. While Sony Sab moves one place down from the last week and it is in 4th place this week.

Let's check all the top 10 Entertainment Channels of India this week.
  1. DD National: 1667324 impressions
  2. Dangal: 1089417 impressions
  3. DD Bharati: 812128 impressions
  4. Sony Sab: 749520 impressions
  5. Big Magic: 676443 impressions
  6. Star Plus: 575782 impressions
  7. Sony Entertainment Television: 462524 impressions
  8. Colors: 356833 impressions
  9. Star Utsav: 325008 impressions
  10. Sony Pal: 289448 impressions

Top 5 Serials of this week (25th April 2020 to 1st May 2020)

After talking about channels, it's time to check the trp ratings of tv serials this week. Let's check that which Indian tv serial is showered with audience love and got the highest trp ratings this week.

Last week, Ramayan was in the first place while Uttar Ramayan was in second place. As Ramayan is over now, the Uttar Ramayan got the most trp as expected. Uttar Ramayan is in the first place.

After Uttar Ramayan, it is Mahabharat which is telecasted on DD Bharati. Mahabharat was in third place last week. After Mahabharat in second place, all the remaining three place is filled by Dangal channel shows. 

Third place is booked by Baba Aiso Var Dhundo, The fourth place is booked by Mahima Shanidev Ki and in the fifth-place it is Ramayan. 

Let us check all the top 5 shows and the impression they have got this week.
  1. Uttar Ramayan: 52462 impressions
  2. Mahabharat: 24280 impressions
  3. Baba Aiso Var Dhundo: 15141 impressions
  4. Mahima Shanidev Ki: 13291 impressions
  5. Ramayan: 8899 impressions

Top 5 Movies Channels of this week (25th April 2020 to 1st May 2020)

Now have a look at top movie channels of the week. Like the previous week, there are no changes in channels in the top 5 but their places in the top 5 have changed. Sony Max is in the leading position like some previous weeks.

No 2 and No 3 positions are exchanged by Star Gold and Zee Cinema while no 4 and no 5 are swiped by &pictuers and B4U Kadak. Let's go through the rankings and check their impressions.

  1. Sony Max: 642660 impressions
  2. Star Gold: 514426 impressions
  3. Zee Cinema: 502599 impressions
  4. &pictures: 363919 impressions 
  5. B4U Kadak: 334895 impressions
We have seen the top movie channels and now have a look at movies that people loved the most and watched the most during the week.

Top 5 Movies of this week (25th April 2020 to 1st May 2020)

If we talk about top movies this week, Prabhas starring movies are in the top 2 places. Yes, Saaho and Bahubali - the beginning is the leader in the movies section. Rajnikanth's Darbar also got a place in this list. Darbar is in third place.

Akshay Kumar starring Housefull 4 is in fourth place while Sony Max's favorite Sooryavansham is in fifth place.

  1. Saaho: 8334 impressions
  2. Bahubali - the beginning: 7389 impressions
  3. Darbar: 7190 impressions
  4. Housefull 4: 6018 impressions 
  5. Sooryavansham: 4773 impressions

Top 5 News Channels of this week (25th April 2020 to 1st May 2020)

Now let's move to the final stage of the post and discuss the top 5 Hindi news channels of this week. There are no changes in the name of channels but the positions of the news channels are changed as ABP News jumped to number 2 place replacing other channels one place down then the last week.

Let's check that:
  1. Aaj Tak: 375816 impressions
  2. ABP News: 285808 impressions
  3. Republic Bharat: 282648 impressions 
  4. India TV: 281496 impressions
  5. Zee News: 253307 impressions
So this was the trp data of the week. This list will get changed once the Voot bigg boss 14 gets started. Bigg Boss will definitely lead the table like previous season. Bigg Boss 14 registration will be started soon. Stay tuned for latest updates and news for Bigg boss and television as well. 

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