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One of the most irritating Weekend Ka Vaar Episode: Bigg Boss 14 written Updates 18 October Episode 16 Highlights

Generally, weekend ka vaar episodes are full of fun and laughter. But 18 October episode was one of the most irritating episodes of Bigg Boss because of totally silly points by freshers specially Rubina Dilaik. Let's have a look at Bigg Boss 14, 18 October Weekend Ka Vaar Episode 16 written updates and highlights. 


The episode of complaints started with Rubina. Bigg Boss gave a task between Nikki and Rubina. In the task, both Nikki and Rubina had to stand near their respective brain model. Freshers have to throw garbage in those models by giving the reasons for that.

Rubina found this task derogatory and refused to took part in this task. Salman Khan tried to understand Rubina but Rubina was too stretchy to understand for everything. Salman told Rubina that from the first day she is behaving like she is above from all.

Rubina told Salman that she was feeling like an insult because of this task. Salman told Rubina that you haven't participated in the task so there is no chance of insult. Rubina told that taking part in the task is an insult for her. Salman taunts Rubina that Bigg Boss will take approval of her for every task.  


Rubina told that she has not watched any bigg boss season so it is difficult to understand for her. She understands only if someone makes her understand like a child. Salman again taunts Rubina that she's no more child now.

Rubina also told that she has the right to raise her voice and Salman is scolding for that. Salman replied that he is talking very respectfully with her. After the headache giving discussion over a half-hour, Rubina finally agreed to take part in the task.

Rahul, Jaan, Nishant, Pavitra, and Eijaz smashed garbage in Rubina's brain model while Jasmin, Shehzad, and Abhinav did it in Nikki's model. Rubina also got into an irritating conversation with Rahul and Pavitra. Even Salman Khan was fed up with Rubina's behavior.


Rubina's foolish arguments were just completed then Jasmin blamed Eijaz for his bad behavior during the task. This issue too was foolish for viewers. Eijaz gave justification for Jasmin's allegation on him. Salman told that if she is not comfortable during the task, she can step back.

Salman then declared the bottom three contestants of this week. Salman took the name of Jaan, Shehzad, and Abhinav as the bottom three freshers. Salman also told that the eviction will be done by freshers of the house. Eviction will be done today.

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