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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 4 Written Update: Nominations, Seniors Clash and much more...

Episode 4 Bigg Boss 14 | Written Update of 6 October Episode: What happened during the 4th episode of voot bigg boss 14? Let's have a look at updates of bigg boss 14 episode 4 aired on 6 October.

Episode 4 Bigg Boss 14 | Written Update of 6 October Episode

The fourth episode starts with 3rd day, time 3:15 PM. Freshers are in the kitchen having lunch and doing some fun. Jasmin says Nikki is immature Pavitra refuses it saying that nobody in the house here is immature.

Eijaz is not happy with his kitchen duty. He tells Gauhar about it. Sidharth tells Eijaz that if you become nice then you have to carry the mountain of goodness in this house.

Shehzad, Rahul, and Pavitra discuss their ages. Shehzad says he will be 28 in the month of November. Pavitra says she is of 32 years.

Gauhar tells housemates that everyone will wash their own plate and cup as the washing of dishes creating issues.

Pavitra tells Rahul that his job of cleaning the bathroom is easier than kitchen work. Rahul agrees to learn cooking with Pavitra. Pavitra and Rahul's bonding looking strong day by day.

Bigg Boss 14 Nominations Week 1

Bigg Boss informs housemates that the nomination process today will be easy and short for them. Because all the freshers are nominated for the eviction this week.

But Bigg Boss will give chance to freshers to save their selves from nominations till the end of the week. Winners from the tasks given by Bigg boss will gradually become safe from nominations and will continue their journey to become confirmed from to be confirmed.

Bigg Boss calls Pavitra in the confession room and gives a letter related to the task. The task name is the jewel thief. In the task, Gauhar and Hina will become princesses who are finding their life partners. 

All the male freshers have to try to impress Gauhar and Hina. When a male freshers succeed to impress one of the princess, the princess will give them a jewel. 

Sidharth Shukla will become the leader of the thieves. All the female freshers of the house will become members of Sidharth's pirate team who wants to steal jewels of the princesses.

Female thieves have to steal the jewels on their own and fresher who have maximum jewels at the end of the task will be safe from the elimination.

The task starting buzzer rings and all the female thieves steal the jewels before the princesses, Hina and Gauhar, reaches to their places. Bigg Boss tells all the thieves to start task after the princesses reaches to their places. All the jewels put back by the female freshers.

The differences between Sidharth Shukla and Gauhar Khan from the first day again come out and both get into a fight during the task. Gauhar tells Sidharth that he thinks that this is bigg boss 13 and Sid replies that she thinks that this is bigg boss 7.

Nishant and Abhinav not happy with Rahul as Rahul denies to give the jewels to save one of the male freshers. Nishant says that this is the real character of Rahul.

Pavitra also tells to Nishant and Abhinav that if they help her in this task, she will stand by them in the future for any task on her own sacrifice.

Rahul gives his jewels to Abhinav after Gauhar's understanding. Bigg Boss announces the ending of the task and calls all the housemates in the leaving area.

Abhinav wins the task as he has the highest numbers of jewels at the end of the task. Abhinav gets immunity and becomes safe from the nominations this week.

This nomination task has raised the temperature between freshers to stay safe from nominations. Now it will surely reflect in the upcoming tasks. Stay tuned for that. 

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