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Game over for Sidharth Shukla - Eijaz and Pavitra in red Zone in Bigg Boss 14 episode 19 written updates, 21 October full Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss 14 episode 19 written updates, 21 October full Episode Highlights: What happened in the task? Who got eliminated from the house and who entered the red zone in Bigg Boss 14 house? Check all the answers in full highlights of bigg boss 14, 21 October 2020 episode. 

Bigg Boss 14 episode 19 written updates, 21 October full Episode Highlights

In the confession room, heated arguments happened between seniors. Bigg Boss told them to get on conclusion with mutual consent. Seniors failed to do so. Bigg Boss asked three seniors to give the name of a losing team with reason.

Gauhar gave Sidharth's team's name giving the reason that they had three members in the box. Sidharth gave Gauhar's team name while Hina gave Sidharth's team name as a losing team. After Hina and Gauhar left, Sidharth told Bigg Boss that if they want to choose the winner from the majority, he should not call three of them. Hina and Gauhar came there and again heated conversion started between them.

Bigg Boss called all the housemates in the leaving area. Bigg Boss told that a total of 2 teams broke the rules during the game. The decision was not made by mutual consent so Bigg Boss had to chose a losing team from the majority.  Bigg Boss declared Sidharth's team as a losing team. Sidharth clapped for the decision in a sarcastic way. 

Bigg Boss announced a game over of Sidharth's team. As Nikki was a confirmed member of the house, she will stay in the house while Pavitra and Eijaz have to leave the house with Sidharth. Shehzad also called out of the house. Housemates were in tears. Hina and Gauhar told housemates about the in-room talk of the seniors between Bigg Boss. Hina looked shouting for proving her point right. Nikki told Jaan that Nishant is a palti master.

Bigg Boss thanked Hina and Gauhar for coming in the house and staying with the freshers for two weeks. Bigg Boss told thanks to the seniors for taking responsibility for the house. Bigg Boss told Hina and Gauhar to leave the house. Seniors left the house with tears in the eyes of all the housemates.

Jaan told that he would go made for all the things that happened in a day. House was feeling so empty Jaan added. Rahul also told that this was such a bad day. All the housemates were very emotional. Nikki told Jasmin sorry and they hugged each other.

Siren rang loudly in the house and housemates were shocked. Some members came into the house and revealed a new area of the house. Pavitra and Eijaz kept in that area with folded eyes and covered face.
Bigg Boss announced and introduced that area as a RED ZONE.

The house is divided now into two zones. Red Zone and Green Zone. As per Bigg Boss Red Zone is a dangerous place while Green Zone is a safe place. Members in the red zone will always have a danger of getting evicted from the house. Any of the housemates, in the red zone at the end of the week, will have to leave the house.

Eijaz asked Jaan what happened when they left the house. Jaan told that all the housemates were crying. Specially Jasmin. Pavitra told that it was not a crying thing. Pavitra was not looking happy about her eviction. Jaan told all the things told by Pavitra to Nikki, Rahul, and Nishant.

Nishant told Rahul that both Eijaz and Pavitra will do an unnecessary fight with housemates. Nishat added that they both, Pavitra and Eijaz have the same values.

Jasmin told Rubina and Abhinav that Nikki has brainwashed Jaan. Rubina told that Jaan is making fun of himself by his actions. Jasmin also made fun of Nikki while Nikki bow down to Hina and Gauhar.

First Captaincy task of Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss gave a new task for the captaincy named Jaan Bachi to Lakho Paye. The winner of the task will be the first captain of Bigg Boss 14. For the task, there is a dollhouse in the garden area which have dolls of green zone members.

There will be a fire alarm when the dollhouse is on fire. Each member rescues a doll from the dollhouse. Members are not allowed to pick their own dolls. The member, whose doll is in the hand of the last coming member, will be out of the task and captaincy race.

Each round will be start from the fire alarm. No members are allowed inside the drawn red line before the fire alarm. Red zone members, Pavitra and Eijaz will moderate the task.

The first fire alarm rang and Eijaz told that Rubina was last to come out. Rubina disagreed with this. Pavitra told that she has seen that Abhinav was the last. Both Eijaz and Pavitra fought for the conclusion.  

Rahul told that Pavitra has a soft corner for Abhinav so she wants to save him. Rahul told members that how Abhinav could be anyone's crush.

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