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Nepotism ghost haunts Bigg Boss house in Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates of 26 October Episode

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates of 26 October Episode Full Highlights: Nominations, Nepotism, and Dabang captain in action. Read all the details of Bigg boss 14 Episode 24 written update and highlights.

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates of 26 October Episode 24 Full Highlights

The new captain looked disappointed with housemates with work. Kavita told Bigg Boss to tell something about the house duties. Kavita told that everyone must take care of cleanliness. Kavita added that she wanted a clean house in her captaincy. 

Kavita told Eijaz that Eijaz and Pavitra's fight was looking like the Tarzan movie fight. It was looking like both were fell in love while fighting. Eijaz told Kavita about his issue with Pavitra. Eijaz requested Kavita not to tease him on the name of Pavitra. 

Kavita distributed the work duties to the housemates. Nishant and Nikki got into a verbal spat over Nishant's removal from the captaincy.

Shardul went to the smoking-room with Pavitra. Bigg Boss warned them. Kavita told Shardul not to break rules. Kavita added that instead of talking with the girls, read the rule book.  Kavita told Shardul that she is a captain and she will give a fine if they not follow the rule. 

Kavita called Pavitra back for the house duties meeting. Pavitra told Kavita not to talk in a sarcastic way. Both got into a fight for this.

Kavita told all the housemates to play the game with dignity and in an entertaining way. Kavita also added that they will not support any kind of violence in the house and all the housemates agreed on this. Rubina and Abhinav also got into arguments with Nikki over the bedroom duty. Abhinav advised Jaan to ignore Nikki.

Bigg Boss day 24 started with the Muqabala song. Kavita tried to patch up between Jaan and Nikki. Rahul, Jasmin, Rubina, and Abhinav got into a fight over Rotis and ration.

Jaan told Nikki not to play with Rahul. Jaan added that Rahul is a double Dholki. Nikki replied to Jaan that she only wants to play with Rahul.

Bigg Boss 14 Nominations this week

Bigg Boss announced the nomination task for this week. Bigg Boss told to housemates that every housemate will give names of the two housemates for the nomination. Kavita is the captain so she is safe from the nominations. Pavitra and Eijaz are already nominated and in the red zone. So nobody will nominate them.

For the nomination process, the contestant will take foam in the plate and by giving the reason for the nomination, he/she will paste it to the face of the contestant he/she wants to nominate. The nomination process started with Rubina.

  • Rubina first nominated Rahul and then nominated Nikki.
  • Jasmin nominated Rahul and Jaan.
  • Jaan nominated Rahul and Nikki.
  • Shardul nominated Nishant and Rubina.
  • Rahul nominated Rubina and Jaan.
  • Nishant nominated Rahul and Nikki.
  • Nikki nominated Nishant and Abhinav.
  • Abhinav nominated Nikki and Rahul.
  • Naina nominated Nikki and Jaan.
  • Pavitra and Eijaz nominated Rahul by mutual consent.

Rahul gave the reason that Jaan is in the house because of his father. Jaan has achieved nothing in his life. Housemates were very aggressive with Rahul for this reason. Jaan told Rahul that he is fortunate that his father is Kumar Sanu. Rahul told Jaan that he did not require the big named father.

At the end of the Process, Jaan, Rahul, Nikki, Eijaz, and Pavitra were nominated. Bigg Boss gave special power to Kavita to save one contestant from the nominated contestants. Kavita saved Eijaz from the nominations.  

Nominated contestants this week:

  1. Rahul
  2. Jaan
  3. Nikki
  4. Pavitra

Eijaz was taken out from the red zone while Jaan, Nikki, and Rahul were sent to the red zone by Bigg boss.

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