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Rahul one man army, Jasmin's overreaction, Kavita vs Rubina in Bigg Boss 14 28 October Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 14 28 October Episode Written Updates: It was looking like Rahul vs all in the house, Jasmin's overreaction without any issue, Kavita and Rubina in a fight, BB World Tour task updates in 28 October Episode written updates and full episode highlights.


Day 26 episode started with Jasmin's reaction to Rahul. Jasmin went to Rahul and threw water on him. Abhinav and Rubina continuously looked taking the side of Jasmin. Rubina told Jasmin that there is nothing wrong with throwing water on a person like Rahul. Shardul also looked on Jasmin's side.

Naina took a stand for Rahul by telling that Rahul gave a chance to sit Jasmin properly. Rahul did not threaten Jasmin in the task. Rahul told that she might be a good actress but it is not right to show acting skills everywhere. Rahul also told that she is playing the woman card very selectively. She can abuse a man by playing the woman card, Rahul added.

Both, Naina and Kavita, tried to make understand Jasmin but Jasmin stuck on her point. Jasmin looked abusing Rahul many times. Naina told Jasmin that such things happen in the task. Neither Jasmin nor Rahul is wrong in this issue.

Day 25, 7:30 PM: The new round for captaincy task, bb world tour started and by taking Nishant's bag away, Nikki put Nishant out from captaincy race.

Rahul looked emotional by seeing the whole house against him. Rahul told Nikki that she is the only one with whom he is speaking. Rahul added that he also gets affected by such things but to look strong he is not reacting. Rahul told that if Nikki were not in the red zone then he might have gone mad. 

Rahul told Nikki that 'Ham Dua Bhi Kare to Ho Jate Hai Badnam, wo Katal Bhi Kare to Charcha Nahi Hota.'

In a conversation with Jaan, Pavitra said that she doesn't understand her relationship with Eijaz. Jaan told Pavitra that Eijaz is a nice man.

Day 26, 8:00 AM: Day 26 of Bigg Boss 14 started with a song from the movie War, Ghoongharu toot Gaye. Pavitra told Nikki that Shardul is her friend but she does not want to make her captain as of now.

In a discussion, Jaan told Nishant that he would fetch Eijaz's bag as Eijaz has not put him in priority. Jaan also told Abhinav that Rahul will fetch his bag. Jaan wants to make captain either from Rubina or Abhinav.

Kavita told Rubina to cut fruits for her. Rubina replied that she agrees on not doing the housework as a captain, but she can do her personal work on her own. Kavita replied that she had talked with Bigg boss about this and Bigg boss has allowed her.

Rubina disagreed with this. Kavita told Rubina that she is behaving like Nikki. Rubina told Kavita not to compare her with any other personality of the house. Kavita told Rubina not to cut fruits for her as she does not want fruits by spiky personality.

Later, Rubina has seen complaining to Jasmin about Kavita's behavior as a captain. Rubina told Jasmin that Kavita has got captaincy, not a dictatorship.

Nikki told Eijaz that Pavitra is emotionally attached to him. Eijaz replied that he has been alone for the last 3 years and he is happy alone.

In a captaincy task, Bigg Boss announced that red zone members have to take away two member's bags now. First, Rahul took Rubina's bag while Jaan took Kavita's bag.  

Nishant told while talking with Rubina, Abhinav, and Naina that Jaan is very week in the game. Naina told that if he could not play for himself then what can they do. 

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