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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Too much noise in the task, Strong Rubina Bigg Boss 14 October full episode written update of Episode 12 and Highlights


Bigg Boss 14 written update, bigg boss 14 October full episode written update

Episode 12 starts with day 12 in the house. Let's catch the whole action of the full episode of 14 October, Wednesday in this bigg boss 14 written update. The day starts with the song DJ vale babu.

Eijaz tells Nikki a good morning and asks what he can do for her. Nikki denies Eijaz to do anything for her. Nikki tells Eijaz that she understands that his health is not good but the task also needs to do. Eijaz tells Nikki not to worry about it.

Nikki, Jaan, Nishant, and Rahul make fun of Rubina over her way to talk. Jaan tells that Rubina is very irritating.

Hina asks Eijaz about his issue with Pavitra is sorted or not. Eijaz replies that they both are in the task and in the same team. Eijaz is not satisfied with Pavitra's reason to nominate him. Eijaz tells that enmity is better than this kind of friendship. Nikki is the best in these terms. Nikki is illogical and that is her logic.

Eijaz tells Hina that only his father has rights on him and that is also one percent. No other has right over me. Eijaz adds that he talked with her because he finds Pavitra mature but she ruined it.

Eijaz tells Pavitra that Hina is a bit biased about the other team as they go to Hina for the suggestions. So they have to be careful today. Eijaz tells Pavitra that he will apply on oil on the body while doing raid so nobody can catch him.

Rahul mocks of Shehzad and Eijaz in front of Eijaz in the washroom area. Rahul also mocks Jasmin, Pavitra, Nishant, and Jaan.

Eijaz and Rahul discusses the strategy for the task. Eijaz also tells Rahul to impress the three seniors as it is required for him. Later Eizaj also discuss strategy with Nishant.

Jasmin tells housemates that after a long time she has become a child during the task. 

Eijaz tells Pavitra not to speak about their team member's mistakes during the task. Pavitra tells that if anybody will tell that she will raise the points. Eijaz tells Pavitra to speak in a lower sound.  

Rubina tells her team members that in the end, if they are losing the task and they should use garbage to spoil the other team's garden. Rubina tells that this is Brahmastra to win the task.

Bigg Boss announces the starting of the task. Bigg Boss praises freshers for their vigour and enthusiast to win the task. Bigg Boss also advises freshers to take care of health and body during the task. Buzzer rings and the task starts.

The teams try to defend their farms and also tries to impress the seniors at the same time. During the risk, Shehzad and Nikki get into a fight again. Both teams destroy each other's farms. Nishant and Shehzad also get into an ugly fight during the task. 

Gauhar tries to make understand the task to the housemates. Sidharth tells her not to tell them as they are not going to believe it. Bigg Boss orders to stop the task as freshers are getting physical during the task. Bigg Boss tells to become wise during the task and orders not getting physical during the task.

Nikki abuses Jamin during the task and Jasmin refuses to play. Jasmin tells Bigg Boss that nobody can abuse her on national television. Jasmin tells that as a moderator Nikki's work is to create discipline. Instead, Nikki is abusing and Nikki is biased too. Anubhav tells Jasmin that Nikki has a shit in her mind so it will outcome that. Jasmin cries about this issue.  

Shehzad tells Nishant chakka. Rubina strongly stands for this point and tells Shehzad not to speak it again. Shehzad apologizes for his words.

Bigg Boss announces end of the task mere angane me tumhara kya kaam hai. Bigg Boss asks Nikki for the decision. Nikki tells Bigg Boss that team B's farm is beautiful. Nikki adds that both the teams have tried very hard for the task. According to her, team B's farm is more beautiful than the other team.

Rubina and Jasmin make fun of Nikki and tells Bigg Boss if Nikki will continue to be a moderator then it is only an injustice to be done every time.

Bigg Boss tells that according to Nikki, team B is the winner. So as per rules, team B, that is Eijaz, Nishant, Rahul, and Pavitra will be safe from the nominations. Bigg Boss congratulates team B.

Bigg Boss also announces that the losing team is nominated for the eviction. This means Rubina, Abhinav, Jasmin, Jaan, and Shehzad will be nominated for the eviction.

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