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Monday, October 12, 2020

Weekend Ka Vaar, Sunday 11 October Full Episode Written Update


weekend ka vaar sunday 11 october full episode written update

Seniors chose Nikki to become the first confirmed contestant and other freshers are not happy with this decision. Eijaz is not happy with Nikki as Nikki is not asking Sara for her eyes. Sara got injured in her eyes during the task because of Nikki's nails.

Nikki tells Eijaz that she will talk to Sara as she get free. Eijaz tells Nikki that she has no humanity to ask. Nikki replies that she will talk to Sara whenever she finds it proper. Nikki tells Eijaz not to advise her and what to do.

Pavitra is not happy with the decision and tells it to Hina. Hina tells Pavitra that they have to look at all the points. Pavitra did good but Nikki did better, adds Hina.

Sara cries for Salman Khan's comments about being a spectator in the house. Jasmin tries to make understand Sara that the comments are for good. They want us to perform better. 

Eijaz gets into arguments with the seniors for selecting Nikki as Nikki is stupid and stubborn. Gauhar and Sidharth tell that she has good work in the whole week and won immunity 2 times. Gauhar adds that she is one of the freshers who is putting effort.

Salman Khan talks with Mumbai Indians team members, Kunal Pandya, Hardik Pandya, and Ishan Kishan. Kunal says Salman that Ishan follows Salman Khan style and team members calls Ishan Radhe.

Hardik asked Eijaz who is hitting fours and sixes in the house? Eijaz names himself. Kunal asked Gauhar who is the twelfth men in the house? Gauhar replies that Rubina as she has more opportunities.

Ishan asks Sidharth who will get hit wicket maximum in the house? Sidharth names Shehzad in reply. Pavitra tells that Jasmin is playing on backfoot right now in the house.

 Salman tells to the seniors and to the freshers that we all do work for the audience and TRP and for that you have to play the right game. It is not like that you bring TRP in any foolish way. You play the game, right game.

Salman also advises all the housemates to be honest with themselves and to colors. Salman also adds that make this show bigger, better, honest, and real.

Then Salman asks seniors for the statements that suit on the freshers. Salman tells the first statement 'yaha par uska sirf majak ban raha hai'. Hina and Sidharth names Eijaz in answer while Gauhar takes Rahul's name.

Next Salman asks 'ab take ka sabse fake contestant'. Hina and Gauhar names Nishant in reply while Sidharth takes Jasmin's name.

The next statement is 'iss me who bat hi nahi hai'. Hina and Gauhar names Sara and Rahul for this while Sidharth takes Sara's name for this statement.

Then Salman asks 'Over planned and over calculative'. Hina names Shehzad, Gauhar names Rubina while Sidharth names Shehzad and Nishant for this. 

After that, the statement is 'Perfect for Bigg Boss'. All three seniors give Pavitra's name for this. The last statement is of 'Disappointment'. Hina and Sidharth names Rubina while Gauhar names Abhinav for this title.

After the completion of the statements task. the task of Bursting the balloons of misunderstandings. The task that always creates disputes between the housemates.

Bigg Boss gives a task to freshers to give adjectives and arrange their selves in Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, and Poor based on the behavior and nature of contestants in the house.  Seniors and Nikki will not interfere in the task as per Bigg Boss' orders.

Housemates take this task in an easy way and complete the task by easy voting process without any discussion. Salman tells that this could be the reason for the elimination of the housemates. Salman tells housemates that try to stand for themselves.

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