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Double Eviction Dhamaka in Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates of 2 November Episode



Day 30, 3:00 PM: Abhinav comes to Rubina in the red zone and tells her that in this game people will throw shit on you and you have to come out from that with a smile. A wrong word will be caught by people so speak only effective words and outsmart people.

Day 30, 3:15 PM: Jasmin calls Rahul and tells him to keep his ego and attitude away for sometimes. Rahul replies there was no ego. Jasmin discusses the issue between them. Jasmin tells that she might have misunderstood him. Jasmin tells sorry for her overreaction there. Rahul also tells that he is also sorry if he has hurt her physically or mentally.

Day 30, 6:00 PM: Kavita tells Eijaz sorry for the fight. She tells Eijaz that she was upset and irritated. Eijaz replies that he was more understanding than his limit at that time.


Naina takes green tea from Jaan without asking him. Pavitra tells Rahul that he has to make Naina understand that she can not take luxury items like this. Late-night Naina and Nikki again get into a fight over this issue. 

Day 31, 8:00 AM: The day starts with the Humma Humma song. Kavita makes fun of songs Bigg boss plays every day. 

Eijaz sits with Naina and Jaan on the green tea issue. Naina tells that she took green tea because Jaan told her. Jaan denies that. Eijaz takes the green tea back from Jaan as a fine. Eijaz also takes a cigarette packet of  Naina and gives it to Jaan. Naina asks for her cigarette packet pack. Naina tells that she will not make breakfast and lunch. Naina and Eijaz get into a fight for the cigarette packet. 

Day 31, 8:30 PM: Bigg boss tells that the result of the voting is in that hanging briefcase in the garden area. Bigg boss also tells that housemates have to guess a name who is not able to entertain and will leave the house.

Bigg boss tells that if the result of housemates and voting is equal then only one contestant will get evicted and if results differ then two housemates will be evicted from the house. Bigg boss calls Pavitra in the confession room.

  • Pavitra names Nishant 
  • Rahul names Nishant
  • Nikki names Nishant
  • Abhinav names Nishant
  • Jaan names Nishant
  • Shardul names Nishant
  • Naina names Kavita
  • Eijaz names Nishant
Bigg Boss announces the name of Nishant to left the house as seven out of eight contestants named Nishant. Jaan cries after Nishant left the house. Jasmin tells Jaan not to feel guilty for that.  

Day 31, 11:00 PM: Bigg boss announces the result of viewers voting. Bigg boss brings the briefcase down and tells Eijaz to read the name of the contestant. Eijaz announces that it is Kavita. Kavita leaves the Bigg Boss house.  

Bigg boss also tells that the nomination process is over so Rubina and Jasmin can come back to the green zone. 

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