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Jasmin is the new captain of the house: Bigg boss 14 5 November written updates and highlights

Jasmin is the new captain, Rahul not in a new immunity task, Rubina's Karwachauth celebration in Bigg Boss 14 5 November episode. Check all the updates and highlights of day 33 and day 34 of Bigg boss 14. 


5 November Episode starts with day 33, 9:15 PM. Aly was seen advising Jasmin for the captaincy task. The task was given by Bigg boss in the 4 November episode. Jaan tells Rahul that Pavitra will be a better captain while Jasmin will do favoritism.

Pavitra tells Jasmin and Abhinav that she wants to become captain anyhow and want to show Eijaz. Shardul also gets in a discussion with red zone members to become the moderator for the next round of the task. 

Day 33, 9:30 PM: Final round for the captaincy task begins, and Pavitra and Jasmin starts moving in the orbit. Jasmin wins the final round and the captaincy task too. Bigg boss announces Jasmin the new captain of the house.

Day 33, 9:45 PM: Pavitra and Aly talk on the intercom about the red zone and green zone shuffling. Aly instructs Jasmin to tell Rubina that if she has to call anyone from the green zone to swap, then do not call Pavitra. 

Day 33, 11:30 PM: Aly, Jasmin, Nikki, and Jaan have a group conversation. Jasmin asks Aly about Jaan's personality. Aly replies that Jaan is looking directed by others. 

Day 34, 8:00 AM: Sound of the song Cutie Pie and the new day begins in the Bigg boss house. Nikki and Aly talk about coffee. They also get ready to steal from the mall and make fun. Aly tells Jasmin that Nikki is very sweet then Jasmin replies that she doesn't like her.

Rahul advises Jaan to speak on the important issues. Rahul tells that it will create his credibility. Rahul also tells Jaan not to try too hard to be friends with everyone. 

Day 34, 10:45 AM: Abhinav comes to Rubina and asks her about fast. Rubina replies that she will eat at night only after watching the moon.  

Day 34, 1:45 PM: Pavitra talks with Aly about the captaincy task on the intercom. Pavitra talks about Shardul and Jasmin. Jasmin tells Pavitra that Shardul is her friend and she was still asking for security. Pavitra has to understand Shardul, Jasmin added.

Pavitra does not like the interference of Jasmin and they get into a fight for this. Pavitra tells Jasmin to keep her friendship possessiveness to herself. Pavitra puts off the phone and goes from there.

Day 34, 4:15 PM: Bigg boss announces a new task for the red zone members to make their selves safe from the nominations. But only three members can participate in the task and it will be the decision of the captain. Jasmin keeps Rahul away from the task.

Bigg boss also tells that green zone members will play the game on behalf of the red zone members. Rubina chose Abhinav, Shardul chose Pavitra while Naina chose Nikki for the task.

In the immunity task, the contestant who will catch the triangle last will win the task and Jasmin is the moderator of the task.

Day 34, 5:45 PM: Immunity task begins. All three contestants hold the triangle for a long time. First Nikki and then Pavitra loses the grip and Abhinav wins the game. Rubina is safe from the nominations this week.

Day 34, 10:45 PM: Rubina celebrates Karwachauth in the garden area.

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