Salman bashes 'Insaaf ki devi' and 'Budhiman Pati' Read 30 January 2021 weekend ka vaar full episode highlights

 Bigg Boss 14 30 January 2021 weekend ka Vaar full episode highlights and written Updates: The Weekend ka Vaar Saturday episode of 30 January became one more tuition class. Salman Khan bashed Rubina, Abhinav, Rakhi, and Nikki Tamboli for their behavior in the Bigg boss house. Let see what happened throughout the episode.

Bigg Boss 14 30 January 2021 weekend ka Vaar full episode highlights and written Updates:

Salman Khan hosted the show this weekend as he was not present in the last weekend ka Vaar episodes. Salman asked did you miss me a couple of times at the starting of the show. Salman also asked the same to the housemates.

A wrong housemate of the week task

Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates in which they have to give the name of the contestant who went wrong during the last week. Nikki Tamboli gave the name of Rahul Vaidhya and gave the reason that Rahul nominated her so she is taking his name.

Next Rahul gave the name of Rubina for her selective judgment over the food issue. Rubina named Rakhi for her behavior with her and Abhinav.

Aly named Abhinav for pushing him during the task. Rakhi named Rubina by telling that both the husband and wife are 'Chalu Chapati.' Rakhi also told that Rubina tries to become a teacher and dharmatma.

Abhinav also named Rakhi by telling that Rakhi has broken his heart. Abhinav also got emotional and cried. Abhinav blamed Rakhi for portraying him as a bad character. 

Rakhi bag for sorry to Abhinav and told that she is sorry for her behavior with him. 

Salman made fun of Rubina's English

Salman started making fun of the wrong words spoken by Rubina in the house like 'rampanting' and 'dividation'. Salman told that this is 'Rubination' of the English language. Rubina told that she spoke in emotions while Salman told that this is the loose motion of the English language.

Salman targets Rubina and Abhinav for their behavior 

Salman gave the reference of the task and told that he won't know why makers asked all the housemates for the person who went wrong. Makers could have asked Rubina as Rubina knows everything. Salman also called Rubina Insaaf ki devi (goddess of justice).

Salman asked Rubina how Vikas was wrong as a sanchalak during the task. Salman also made fun of Arshi, Abhinav, and Nikki for supporting Rubina during this task. 

Salman asked Rahul about Rubina whether her judgments are neutral every time or change person to person. Rahul replied that it depends on her relationship with the other person. Rahul added that you are right for Rubina only you are favoring her. Devoleena also agreed with Rahul.

Salman told Rubina that currently, she is going wrong in the house and also advised her to keep this thing in mind that if she is doing this for the game then it is also wrong for the game. 

Then Salman talked about the loop task. Salman asked housemates about Abhinav's fair sanchalan during the task. Housemates replied that Abhinav was not fair with Rahul and he favored Nikki. 

Salman asked Abhinav that whether he was biased or not during the task. Abhinav replied that he was not biased but stupid during the first round. Abhinav repeatedly denied being biased towards Nikki Tamboli.

Salman told Rubina that she always tried to create issues in the presence of all the housemates. Salman also asked Rubina for her behavior over Rakhi and Abhinav issue. Salman also questioned Rubina for her way to resolve this issue.

Rubina told that she was afraid of Rakhi as she has once torn dhoti of Rahul Mahajan in the house. Rubina added that Rakhi forgets her limits while opposing. 

Salman asked housemates that who is benefiting from Rakhi's entertainment. All the housemates named Abhinav except Rubina and Abhinav. The couple replied the show is getting benefit from Rakhi. 

Abhinav told Salman Khan that he has never told Rakhi to behave like this and not intended to take benefit from her. Abhinav added that he doesn't want any benefit from Rakhi. 

Salman told Abhinav not to overreact to the small things as Rakhi has not shown any bad side of him to housemates. Salman added that just because of Rakhi Sawant, the funny and entertaining side of Abhinav has come out else he was boring. Salman told Abhinav that his equation with Rakhi is looking as good as him and Rubina together. 

Later Salman asked Rakhi for her behavior with Abhinav. Rakhi gave the foolish reason while defending her shameful act. Salman bashed Rakhi on her foolish explanation and advised her not to cross her limit in the show.

Salman Khan also took the class of Nikki Tamboli for her disrespectful behavior with all the housemates and also with the press. Salman told that he is fed up with Nikki to make her realize her bad behavior with the rest of the housemates.

Salman also advised Rubina not to promote the bad behavior of Nikki Tamboli with any of the housemates. Salman also told Nikki sarcastically that she is not a danger for Rubina and Abhinav as she has never played the game independently. Salman also called Nikki the rudest girl of the Bigg boss history.

Salman also told that he will not his time and effort to make understand Nikki and other housemates as it takes a lot of energy and effort of him. Salman added that bringing Rahul's girlfriend in the conversation was also wrong as she is not part of the show.

Now who is eliminated from the show will only be known on the 31st January Weekend Ka Vaar episode.  What are your thoughts about this episode of Bigg Boss 14? Do you agree with the things told by Salman Khan? tell us below.

Also, Bigg Boss 14 finale is near, and we are near to get our Bigg boss 14 winner. So stay tuned for all the latest Bigg boss 14 action.

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