'Abhinav Deserves Finale' in the top trend after getting news of Abhinav's eviction

bigg boss 14 eviction today

Abhinav Deserves Finale is one of the top trending hashtags today on Twitter. The news of Abhinav's eviction has left his fan in shock and they are feeling that it has happened wrong with Abhinav. Although the news of Abhinav's eviction is not confirmed.

Let us tell you actually what happened. In the promo of 9th February Bigg boss 14 episode, we have seen that Bigg boss is giving the elimination task to the housemates.

In the task, supporters have to give the name of the contestant who has less contributed to the show according to them. There is no name taken in the promo, but the news has spread that Abhinav is eliminated from the show.

The unconfirmed news created big hype on Twitter and fans started tweeting in the support of Abhinav Shukla. Hashtag Abhinav Deserves Finale was in the top trend with more than 745K Tweets while we are writing this.

Many celebrities also tweeted in the support of Abhinav Shukla. People telling that this is unfair as people's votes are not taken in this eviction. Many of them also telling of boycotting the show.

Now, who is eliminating from the show is only known in today's episode but fans have already come in the support of Abhinav Shukla.

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  1. Abhinav's eviction not at all acceptable.We will boycott the show.This is wrong.Three people cannot decide the eviction on behalf of whole world.This is not a realty show but a planned strategy against contestents they want to keep or evict.