Bigg Boss 14 Finale Update: Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 14?

Bigg Boss 14 Finale Update: Hello friends! It's time to get the Bigg boss 14 Winner. We are updating all the live-action of Bigg Boss 14 Grand finale. So stay tuned with us to know who is the winner of Bigg boss 14?  

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 14

Jasmin Bhasin welcomes all the viewers with all the Bigg Boss 14 Contestants and host Salman Khan. Salman dances on the song Aaj ki party meri Taraf Se. Salman announces that there will be live voting today night.

Salman makes fun of the contestants for continuous in and out of the house. Salman also tells that in this season makers are mostly remembered by the housemates. Salman makes fun of Abhinav for Rakhi.

Salman welcomes all the family members of the Bigg boss 14 finalists. 

Bigg Boss thanks all the housemates for their contribution to the show. Bigg boss tells housemates that this is time to celebrate the success. Housemates having fruit champaign for the celebration.  

Salman talks with Madhuri Dixit on the video call. Madhuri promoting her show Dance Diwane season 3. Madhuri tells about all the contestants in her own style.

Salman asks ex-contestants whom they envy seeing in the top 5. Eijaz tells that they all are deserving. Salman announces Rakhi Sawant's performance.

Rakhi performs on the songs like Pardesiya song followed by the Julie song and Dekhta hai tu kya song. Salman praises Rakhi for her outstanding performance. Salman talks about Rakhi's husband Riteish.

Salman announces that Rakhi's husband Riteish will enter the house. But instead of Rakhi's husband, it is Riteish Deshmukh, a Bollywood actor. 

Riteish announces to win the 14 lakhs rupees. Both Rakhi and Nikki presses the buzzer. But Rakhi is the first to press the buzzer. Rakhi takes the 14 lakhs and leaves the show. Salman asks Rakhi about the winner. Rakhi replies that Rubina will win. Salman tells Rakhi that her decision is right as she has not got enough votes.

Finalists regret the following things.
  • Rubina regrets throwing water on Rakhi.
  • Rahul regrets of nepotism allegation on Jaan.
  • Aly regrets nothing.
  • Nikki regrets her arrogance.

Salman announces the eviction of Aly Goni. Salman tells that Aly has lesser votes than the other contestants. Rubina, Rahul, and Nikki are the top 3 contestants.

Salman welcomes Aly on the stage. Aly tells that he was ready for any of the positions. Aly tells that he wants Rahul to win the show. Aly also tells that Nikki doesn't deserve the top 3.

Salman introduces Nora Fatehi and she performs on the stage on the songs like Saki Saki and Garmi. Salman and Nora join the top 3 finalists in the house. Nora calls the finalists the three superstars.

Eijaz proposes Nora during the Jinie task. Nora and Sonali Phogat dance on Masha Allah song. As a third wish, Salman does hook steps with Nora. Salman also calls Rahul Mahajan for the Garmi song hook step.

Dharmesh and Tushar come on stage to promote Dance Diwane season 3. They both are the judge in the show. Tushar and Sonali perform on Tip Tip Barsa Pani song. Dharmesh and Eijaz perform on Ghooghroo Toot Gaye Song.

Salman Khan welcomes Dharmendra on the stage. Dharmendra tells that he would like to stay in the home. Salman introduces housemates with Dharmendra. 

Jasmin and Aly's lovely performance on Mere Naam Tu Song from the movie Zero and Zara Zara Bahekta hai song. Seeing the performance of them, Dharmendra tells that Kuch Kuch Hota hai. Salman and Dharmendra recreate the scene from the Sholey movie. Rakhi becomes Basanti in this scene.

Salman tells that Rahul and Aly are the Jai and Viru of the house. Aly and Rahul perform on the song Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Chodenge and Main Khilari Tu Anari. Nikki Tamboli also joins them in the Genda Ful song.

Colors family artists perform on the stage and promote two new shows. Bawara Dil and Udariyan. They also give envelop to Salman Khan containing names of the top 2 finalists. Salman also announces Bigg boss 15 and Bigg boss 15 auditions will start very soon.

Salman announces the top 2 contestants. The first finalist is Rubina Dilaik and the second finalist is Rahul Vaidya. So the battle is on between Rubina and Rahul. Salman Khan announces live voting for 10 minutes.

Nikki comes on the stage. Salman asks Nikki whom she wants to look at winning the show. Nikki tells that she is ok with both. But if Rubina wins, she will be happier. 

Both the finalists come on the stage. Salman gifts being human e-cyles to both. 

Bigg Boss 14 Winner:

Bigg Boss 14 winner is Rubina Dilaik.
Bigg Boss 14 Runner Up is Rahul Vaidya.

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