Fights in the house, Nomination task in Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates 1 February 2021 Episode

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates 1 February 2021 Episode: Arshi Khan seen fighting with Devoleena and Rahul. Later, Rahul and Nikki too got into fight and bigg boss 14 nomination task. Have a look at what happened during the bigg boss 14 1st February episode in this highlights.

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates 1 February 2021 Episode

The Episode started at 10:30 AM on day 121 of Bigg boss 14. Rakhi Sawant has seen praying for her mother. Rakhi was also seen confessing her feelings for Abhinav. She also prayed that Ritesh, her husband, not take any decision based on any of Bigg boss episodes.

Rahul and Aly were seen teasing Arshi Khan by telling her that Rakhi should reach the finale. Arshi told Rakhi that both Aly and Rahul were saying that Rakhi will be eliminated this week. Aly clarified this with Rakhi in front of Arshi.

Arshi and Devoleena got into a clash as Devoleena told Rahul and Aly about Arshi's lie. Arshi blamed Devoleena for spreading wrong perspectives about her. Devollena told Arshi a fake person.

Rahul advised Devoleena not to take Arshi Khan seriously which drags a new clash between them. Arshi told Devoleena that she should not talk about her if she has self-respect. Later, Arshi Khan cleared that it was her mistake in listening to the talk.

Later, both, Devolieena and Arshi again started fighting during the kitchen duty. Devoleena threw a thing in the anger which hit Abhinav, who was doing duty in the kitchen. Devoleena called Arshi Ghatiya. 

The next day, day 122, started in the Bigg boss house with the song Kitabe bahut si padhi hongi tumne from the movie Baazigar.

At 8:45 AM, Rahul was making tea in the kitchen. Arshi came and told Rahul to clean the platform. Rahul denied doing so. Aly advised Rahul to look that no negativity enters the tea. Rahul replied that he looked at Arshi and took the tea away.

Arshi told that she was just telling to clean and she is not negative. Rahul replies to Arshi that she is full of negativity from head to toe. Rahul added that later negativity word will be replaced with the name of Arshi Khan. Arshi cried in front of Rakhi.

Rahul and Arshi again fought for the same thing in the garden area. Rahul told Arshi that tera track to chala gaya, Vikas Gupta chala gaya. Rahul also called Arshi a big split personality.

Arshi brought food hidden by Rakhi. Nikki told that Bigg boss is partial as this thing is of Rakhi. Abhinav advised Nikki to eat that. Nikki replied that she is not smart and stupid like Abhinav. Nikki threw the food in the dustbin.

Rahul told Nikki about throwing the food. Rahul told that if someone did that then it is disrespect of food and if she herself does that then it is ok. Rahul advised Nikki not to become selective.

Nikki accepted her mistake and told Rubina and Abhinav that Rahul was not making the issue. She was speaking loudly so Rahul had to speak in a louder tone.

Abhinav was seen telling Rubina that Nikki will create a problem for her. Abhinav added that Nikki will make mistakes and Rubina will be the partner for her behavior.

 Bigg Boss 14 nominations this week

Bigg boss announced nomination process for this week. Bigg boss told housemates that the show has few days left. It will be truthful that viewers give this decision that who will remain in the show. So Bigg boss nominates all the housemates for the eviction.

But Bigg boss also gave a chance to a housemate become safe from the nominations. For this Bigg boss created a magic library in the theatre. In the library, there is a magical book that has magical power.  The contestant whose name will remain in the book will be safe from the nomination.

For the task, there will be a magical sound in the regular interval. Any of the housemates will go to the room and has two choices. If the book page is clear, housemates will write the name of the contestant whom they want to mark save from the nominations with the valid reason. 

And if the name is already written in the book, the housemate can give support by giving the reason or tear that page if not want to support by giving the reason. Every housemate will get a chance to go to the library.

The contestant whose name will remain in the book at the end of the process will be safe from the nominations this week. Housemates were seen doing the planning after Bigg boss declaration.

Now this will be exciting to see today that who will be safe in this different kind of nomination.

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