Who will win Bigg Boss 14 : Bigg Boss 14 Winner Prediction

Who will win Bigg Boss 14 - Bigg Boss 14 Winner Prediction: So one of the longest journeys of Bigg Boss 14 has come to an end. The battle to become Bigg boss 14 winner is on and we are just a few days left from the Bigg Boss 14 finale.

Who will win Bigg Boss 14 - bb14 winner prediction

As Bigg Boss 14 finale will be on 21st February 2021 and we will get our bb14 winner on the same day. People are asking us on our Facebook page Bigg boss 14 updates that who will win Bigg Boss 14? Bigg Boss fans are very eagerly waiting for the winner of Bigg boss season 14.

So in this post, we are going to discuss who will be the winner of BB14 and which contestant has the highest chance to become the Bigg Boss Winner of this season. Meanwhile, you can check Bigg boss winners from all other seasons too.

First, let us tell you the top 5 Bigg boss 14 finale contestants:

  1. Nikki Tamboli
  2. Rakhi Sawant
  3. Rubina Dilaik
  4. Rahul Vaidya and
  5. Aly Goni

Bigg Boss 14 Finale Date and Timing: 21 February 2021, 9:00 PM

Now let's discuss that who will win Bigg boss 14 2021 from the above listed top 5 contestants one by one. Let's started with Nikki Tamboli, who was the first contestant to reach the finale week.

1) Will Nikki Tamboli win Bigg Boss 14?

Nikki Tamboli reached the finale week with the help of Rubina Dilaik. In fact, Nikki Tamboli is always dependent during the whole season. Initially, she played independently but later she played with Jaan Sanu.

After Jaan's eviction, she joined Rahul Vaidhya and played behind him. Later coming after evicting from the house, she played with the support of Rubina Dilaik till the end.

Will Nikki Tamboli be bigg boss 14 winner

Nikki Tamboli Positive Things: Before entering the Bigg boss house, Nikki Tamboli was not so known for her work. But she played well and created her own fanbase. She smartly moved one from another group and succeeded to make it to the final week.

Nikki Tamboli Negative Things: Nikki has been very rude throughout the season. Even Salman Khan told a number of times Nikki Tamboli to improve her behavior with the housemates but Nikki did not act on it.

Nikki Tamboli Winning Chance: Although Nikki is in the top 5, there is a lesser chance of Nikki becoming the Bigg boss 14 winner and it is hard that Nikki will hold the Bigg boss 14 winner trophy. In fact, Nikki can also leave the show by taking the money bag during the mid-week eviction.

2) Will Rakhi Sawant win Bigg Boss 14?

Rakhi Sawant was the second to make it to the finale week. Rakhi entered the house as a challenger. Rakhi shredded 14 lakhs from the winning amount to reach in the final week of the show. Rakhi gave entertainment factor to the boring Bigg boss house.

Rakhi has smartly played the game. She can make drama from nothing and that makes her reach the finale week. Rakhi's acts with Abhinav kept the show in the news. It was Rakhi who brought a new color to boring and dull Abhinav Shukla.

Will Rakhi Sawant win Bigg Boss 14?

Rakhi Sawant Positive Things: Rakhi has shown her entertaining side since her entry into the house. Rakhi was praised by Salman Khan a number of times for her entertainment in the house. Rakhi also has opened all her personal secrets during the show. 

Rakhi Sawant Negative Things: Rakhi Sawant had forgotten her limits many times during the show which is not so liked by the family audience. Rakhi has crossed her limits and done a number of things in the name of entertainment. Even Salman Khan also had to tell Rakhi for that.

Rakhi also herself not believe that she can be the winner of bb14. Rakhi has seen telling that she will not win a number of times in front of housemates.

Rakhi Sawant Winning Chance: Although Rakhi Sawant is entertaining, she also has a lesser chance like Nikki Tamboli to become the winner of Bigg boss season 14. Also, Rakhi will have to compete with the big players like Rahul, Aly, and Rubina. 

Like Nikki, Rakhi also can go out by taking money during this week. Rakhi has told this thing many times in the house. So unless the makers want Rakhi to win, there is no chance to win for Rakhi Sawant.

3) Will Rubina Dilaik win Bigg Boss 14?

Probably one of the most favorite to become the winner of Bigg boss season 14. Rubina is a popular face of Indian television. Rubina is very popular for her television roles in the serials like Choti Bahu and Shakti.

Although Rubina's attitude in the house is not so commendable and she has been warned many times in Weekend ka Vaar episodes by Salman Khan. But she has been very strong personality throughout the season.

will Rubina win bigg boss 14?

Rubina Dilaik positive things: Rubina Dilaik has a very huge fan following which puts her on the top to win Bigg boss season 14. Rubian is seen as very strongly opinionated throughout the season. Rubina has smartly played her game at various stages of the game.

Rubina has smartly created relations in the house which helped her to stand above all the housemates. Rubina has always managed to found a group that helped her. Husband Abhinav Shukla's presence also helped her to go ahead in the show.

Rubina Dilaik Negative things: Along with some positive qualities, Rubina has also some negative characteristics. One of the biggest negative points is not to consider anybody's point. Throughout the season Rubina is seen considering her point right at any cost.

Rubina has always been seen arguing with Rahul Vaidhya for no reason and to prove that she is right. Salman Khan also told her many times about her attitude. Rubina even did not agree with Salman Khan. Rubina has also been seen blaming Bigg Boss. Rubina has always tried to control all the housemates and played with them except Abhinav Shukla.

Rubina has been seen as very self-centered in the show on many occasions. She believes that only she is smart enough in the house and also right at all times.

Rubina Dilaik winning Chance: Rubina has the highest chance to make the Bigg boss season 14 trophy to her name. Rubina is very popular because of television roles and those roles are enough to get the votes.

Even if we search Bigg boss 14 winner name in Google, Google also shows Rubina Dilaik as the Bigg boss season 14 winner. Along with Google, many celebrities like Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan also sees Rubina as the Bigg Boss 14 winner.

4) Will Rahul Vaidya win Bigg Boss 14?

The only one who stops in between Rubina Dilaik and the Bigg Boss season 14 trophy. Yes, Rahul Vaidhya has been seen as a gentle and improved player in the house. He is one of those players who have played the game with dignity.

Though Rahul was looking very ordinary in the initial stage of the show, he is now emerging as a Bigg boss 14 winner. Rahul's friendship with  Aly Goni is one of the best friendships made in all the Bigg boss seasons. As the game is on between Rubina and Rahul, this handsome and charming singer has also a chance to lift the trophy this year. 

will rahul win bigg boss 14

Rahul Vaidya Positive things: Rahul has been a popular singer and that is the reason that many celebrities are also supporting him. Rahul has played the game very smartly and known as a man of the words as he has not cheated in the game.

Like Rubina, Rahul has also a huge fan following. Only Rahul and Rubina have crossed the million Twitter trends several times in the show. Also, Rahul has the image of good nature among the viewers. Rahul has proven his smartness with catchy one-liners too.

Rahul's relation with his mother, girlfriend Disha, and friendship with Aly are proofs of his golden heart. Also, during the initial time in the house, Rahul was alone as nobody supporting him but Rahul managed to get out from that tough time.

Rahul Vaidya Negative things: Rahul has seen dull many times and very silent too. His decision to leave the show can also affect his winning probability. 

Rahul Vaidya Winning Chance: As said earlier, Rahul is believed in the top 2 contestants of Bigg Boss season 14 and also has a chance to win the show.

5) Will Aly Goni win Bigg Boss 14?

After Rahul and Rubina, Aly is the third most powerful contestant of Bigg Boss season 14. Aly came in the house to support Jasmin and is now in the Bigg boss season 14 finale week. Aly has also played his game with dignity and with the desire of winning the show.

Aly's love story with Jasmin is already very popular but his friendship with Rahul Vaidya also proves that he is a man of relations. 

will aly win bigg boss 14

Aly Goni Positive things: Aly Goni has played the game like a tiger. Aly also has seen as a very good-hearted person since his entry into the house. Aly has kept his promises in the house. 

Aly's friendship with Rahul is well known now and still, he has not betrayed Rubina. That is the proof that he is the champion player.

Aly Goni Negative things: Many times in the house Aly has seen left behind in the relations in the house. Aly has seen lost his personality in the clash between Rahul and Rubina. That can affect Aly's winning chance. 

Aly Goni Winning Chance: Along with Rahul and Rubina, Aly is seen as a winning material. Also, he and Jasmin love each other so Jasmin's fans are definitely going to vote for Aly. So there is definitely a big chance for Aly to become the Bigg boss season 14 winner.

Conclusion: So, this was our prediction that Who will win Bigg Boss 14? The real winner will be declared on the finale night and we are eagerly waiting for that. What are your thoughts about the Bigg boss 14 winner prediction? 

Let us know your thoughts too and do not forget to vote for your favorite contestant and make him or her Bigg Boss 14 winner

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