Bigg Boss 15 Nominations Week 2 : These 6 contestants got nominated for this week

Bigg Boss 15 Nominations Week 2: Bigg Boss 15 has entered the second week and the show has already picked the pace from the first week. The nomination task was done in the house and six housemates were nominated for the eviction. Let's see the complete Bigg Boss 15 nomination task for week 2.

Bigg Boss 15 Nominations Week 2

Bigg Boss 15 Nominations Task Week 2

Bigg Boss gives nomination task for this week at 6:30 PM. Jay Bhanushali reads the task instructions in front of housemates. This week's nomination process is limited to the members of the jungle. Main house contestants are neither being nominated nor will nominate anyone.

According to the task, Bigg Boss will call any two housemates in the regular interval and will ask them for the member they want to nominate. Both the members have to give a name by mutual concern. They have to burn the paper of the contestant to nominate. At the end of the process, members whose papers are burnt and disappeared during the process will get nominated. 

  • Bigg Boss first called Ieshaan and Miesha for the nomination process.  Ieshaan and Miesha nominated Afsana.
  • After then, Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash being were called by Bigg Boss. They nominated Donal Bisht.
  • Jay Bhanushali and Umar Riaz nominated Akasa Singh.
  • Vishal Kotian and Vidhi Pandya nominated Ieshaan Sehgal.
  • Afsana and Simba nominated Vishal Kotian.
  • In the end, Akasa and Donal nominated Vidhi Pandya.

Bigg Boss 15 Nominated Contestants Week 2

Contestants nominated after the nomination process are:
  1. Afsana Khan
  2. Ieshaan Sehgal
  3. Donal Bisht
  4. Akasa Singh
  5. Vishal Kotian
  6. Vidhi Pandya
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