Bigg Boss 16 Grand Finale Updates Live: MC Stan becomes Bigg Boss 16 winner

Bigg Boss 16 Grand Finale Updates Live: Finally the day of the final battle to become the Bigg Boss 16 winner has come and the bigg boss has got his new winner. 

MC Stan has become the bigg boss season 16 winner. Shiv Thakare is the first runner-up while Priyanka becomes the second runner-up.

bigg boss 16 finale live updates

Bigg Boss 16 Finale Updates Live

> Salman Khan welcomes everyone on the blockbuster Bigg Boss 16 finale.

> Krishna and Bharati in the bigg boss house. Salman Khan also entered the house with the band.

> Krishna is in the house while Bharati and Salman Khan leave the house. Curtains raise and all the contestants come into the garden area and started dancing.

> Krishna and Bharti ask about the Mandali to the non-mandali members. Mandali members are in the confession room.

> Finalists are frozen and all the evicted mandali members entered the house. 

> All the contestants are entered into the house. Bigg Boss welcomes everyone into the house.

> Rap competition between Mandali and non-mandali. Krishna is in support of non-mandali while Bharati is in support of mandali.

> Krishna laughs at Stan and Shiv's jodi. Tells the jodi is more popular than the most romantic jodi of Bigg Boss 16, Priyanka and Ankit.

> Krishna asks Bharati about the similarities between Archana and chips packets. Bharati replies both contain mostly air within. Also, both make noise while eating.

> Musical chair task between mandali and non mandali. Archana wins the game.

> Sajid says to Shiv that he genuinely deserves to win the trophy, usne daily ye show ko respect diya, maatha teka to bb signboard, and even if he doesn't win the trophy, he shouldn't get disheartened.

> Krishna calls Archana Kaue ki kuldevi 😂😂

> Priyanka says about changes in Ankit, "I like the fact that he has become a bit more caring towards me, which I always wanted,"

bigg boss 16 finale ankit priyanka

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary describes Shiv Thakare as, 'Selfish, Shaatir and Badtameez'.

> Stan denies playing the game and sends Sumbul to his place. Archana refuses to play with Sumbul. Tells I will not play with the side actor of mandali.

> Archana calls Stan Adarakh, Palak and Muli. Stan calls Archana Shemadi.

> Krishna and Bharati mock Shalin and Tina. Bharati and Krishna also mock Sumbul, Saundarya, and Stan in their act.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary says Ankit should learn from Stan how to love anyone. She said Ankit should learn to accept his feelings and also how to express them from Stan.

> Bharati and Krishna left the house. 

> Salman Khan comes on the stage and welcomes all the contestants and family members.

> Mothers of all the contestants come into the house to wish them the best of luck for the finale. Very emotional scenes in the house.


> Salman asked Tina whether she recognized Shalin or not. Tina replied to Salman that she only recognized Priyanka and Archana in the house.

> Salaman told Sajid that Farah has told him that Sajid has created a mandali in his building with a liftman, and watchman and going to launch a political party.

> Abdu Rozik confirms that he is participating in Big Brother UK.

> Salman compares Archana with Dolly Bindra and Priyanka Jagga. Salman also praises Archana for her journey.

> Archana's performance on the songs Bijali Girane me hu aai, Chhan ke maholla dekh liya, Anarkali disco chali with her dialogues Kya Challa re hai bhaiya and maar maar ke mor bana dungi. Archana's brother Gulshan also performed on the stage.

> Bigg Boss announced the first elimination of the finale. Bigg Boss asked the finalists to give the name of the contestant who will be evicted. Bigg Boss also added that if their decision will similar to the audience's result then 10 lakhs will be added to the price money. 

> Shiv gives Shalin's name, and Stan gives Shalin's name. Shalin gives Archana's name, Priyanka gives Shalin's name, and Archama gives Shalin's name. Shalin 4 votes and Archana 1 vote. Shalin's name has been taken by mutual consent.

> Salman confirms the finalists' decision. Prize money is now 31 lakh 80 thousand. Shalin leaves the house and comes to the stage. Ekta Kapoor offers a new show to Shalin Bhanot. Salman gives a buzzer to Shalin.

>  Shalin performs on the songs bijlee bijlee, and o meri laila with his chicken spoof and buzzer. 

>  Salman released the first song of his upcoming movie, Kisi ka bhai kisi ki jaan.

> Mandali performed on the songs like Bigg Boss anthem, Main Khiladi Tu Anadi, ye ladka hai diwana, kaali kaali ankhen, and vo sikandar hi kahlata hai with Stan's rap song.

> Archana performed on Khallas song while Shalin on main karu to character dhila hai. Priyanaka on Kamli song. Also, Mandali and non-mandali on jumme ki raat song.

> Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel came to promote their upcoming movie, Gadar 2, The Katha continues, the second part of the Gadar movie.

> Sunny Deol explained the elimination task of a handpump. Shiv is safe. Priyanka is safe. Stan is safe. Archana is evicted from the house. Archana ends in the fourth position. Archana leaves the house and comes to the stage. Archana thanked all the audience who supported her. Salman gave silbatta to Archana.

Top 3 of Bigg Boss 16:

> Shiv Thakare
> Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary
> MC Stan

> Sunny and Amisha left the stage after promoting their movie.

> Ankit and Priyanka's performance on is deewane ladke ko and besharam rang song.

ankit and priyaka finale performance

> Abdu released a new song based on his journey in the bigg boss house, You very chalaak bro, bahut hoshiyar ho

> Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary is evicted from the house. Priyanka ends her journey in 3rd position. She becomes the second runner-up.

Top 2 of Bigg Boss 16: 
> Shiv Thakare
> MC Stan

> Both Shiv and Stan joins Salman Khan on the stage.

 > MC Stan becomes the bigg boss 16 winner. Shiv Thakare is the first runner-up.

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