'Bigg Boss should handover the trophy to Nimrit because she entered first in the house' - Fans took class of Bigg Boss for favoring Nimrit

Bigg Boss 16 winner Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia: No we are not declaring Nimrit as the winner of bigg boss season 16 but Bigg Boss fans are taunting the makers for promoting and supporting Nimrit above all the contestants. Do makers are really promoting Nimrit this season we will discuss on that in this article.

Bigg Boss 16 winner Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia

First contestant, First Captain, and first to reach the finale week

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was the first contestant to enter the house on the premiere day and that was also her qualification to become the first captain of the house. She looked strong and strongly opinionated during the whole first week.

But after the first week, she somehow was not seen actively participating in the house but rather creating alliances with different housemates in the house. First, with Shalin and Tina, and later with Gautam. But that did work well for the initial month.

Later she entered the mandali by making friends with Shiv and she got the oxygen to stay in the house. As the whole mandali was obsessed with Priyanka and Ankit they kept playing in the group and came so far with each other's support. 

Taking support in the house is not bad at all and viewers were also ok with that. But things went bad for Nimrit as Bigg Boss declared a ticket to finale week and made Nimrit a ticket holder by default. 

People's anger burst on social media and started trolling Bigg Boss makers. Even Archana in the house also raised a question on this but Bigg Boss answered it in sarcasm. Archana could do nothing in the house but viewers took the internet by storm.

Is Bigg Boss favoring Nimrit?

Bigg Boss looks biased this time with mandali throughout the weeks, especially with Nimrit. Nimrit became the first captain because she was the first to enter the Bigg Boss house. But it was the makers' decision in which order contestants were entering the house.

It was okay if it was limited till the first captaincy, but the most important task of the season is the ticket to the finale task. Bigg boss also pushed Nimrit here. Bigg boss gifted the ticket to the finale to Nimrit and told the other housemates to clinch it from Nimrit. 

Housemates were, Archana, Shalin, and Priyanka. The rest were just from their mandali and they did nothing to make the task interesting or to get a ticket to the finale. Even in the last task of remote, Bigg boss gave Nimrit's tape to stan, again a mandali member while Priyanka's tape to Nimrit which she destroyed.


Not one incident where Bigg Boss looked partial but there are others too. Nimrit is seen constantly speaking in English in the house even when she is the captain, but Bigg Boss handed her the ticket to the finale.

Also, discussing nominations is not allowed in the house. But when the mandali members were doing it for Ankit to throw from the house, Bigg Boss did nothing. While recently Bigg Boss stopped Archana, Tina, and Priyanka from talking about nominations.

> During the time task, Bigg boss called Nimrit into the activity room where the fashion designer was there. Bigg boss also showed Nimrit social media tweets for her. Out of 4, 2 messages were from her official handles not from fans. Also, she was not part of the task, and the bigg boss not missed the chance to boost Nimrit.

We have also seen Bigg Boss guiding Nimrit and Shiv most of the time in the confession room and in the house as well. Viewers are angry about this. They are trolling makers and Nimrit badly on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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Have a look at People's reactions on social media sites.

> Vijay Prajapati from Mumbai wrote: 

Bigg Boss should hand over the trophy to Nimrit because she entered first and other contestants should try to fetch it from her. 

> Harsha Nitnaware from Yavatmal wrote:
Finale kya wo to 1 week mai hi bahar jani chahiye thi par sirf aur sirf bigg boss makers ke rahemo karam par yaha take aai hai aur shayad trophy bhi jeet le kyu ki bigg boss fida jo hai uspe.

harsha nitnaware comment bigg boss 16 winner

> Selina Akhter, a singer from Bangladesh wrote:
Bigg Boss banaya.. nehi earn kiya

selina comment bigg boss 16 winner nimrit

> Nisha from Modinagar, India wrote:
Bigg Boss m setting chalti hai tabhi use final me le gaye

nisha comment bigg boss 16 winner nimrit

> Salil Arunkumar Sand, film and television critic wrote:

If one needs to manipulate then this is how it needs to be done!! Loved the way the makers have pushed #MCStan, #SumbuITouqeerKhan and #ShivThakare in the nominations and saved the #NimritKaurAhluwalia!! I am sure #Nimrit would have insisted on entering the house first!! SAD!!

salil sand comment bigg boss 16 winner nimrit

> Pooja quoted Priyanka's statement for Nimrit: 
Nimrit akeli kabhi na kheli.

Seeing Nimrit trolling, fans also came in support of her and they also started supporting Nimrit for getting the ticket to the finale week. 

> Hasina Ahmed, an advocate from Guwahati High Court showed her support for Nimrit by heart emojis💓💓.

hasina ahmed comment bigg boss 16 winner nimrit

> Kusum Sharma wrote:

Best of luck Nimrit.

> Sandhya Jain wrote:

Very happy for Nimrit


> Kavita Grover commented:

Deserving to win ❤️ nimrit has all qualities to wolin 

kavita comment nimrit support bb 16 winner

 > Jemin wrote:
Pure soul nimrit all the best.

jemin comment bigg boss 16 winner nimrit


 These are just some of the messages from Facebook and Twitter and the fans are divided into two parts talking about Bigg Boss favoring Nimrit. What are your thoughts on this? Is Bigg boss favoring Nimrit? Or it is just a narrative from other players' social media teams? Do let us know through comments. 

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