'#MCStanBB16Winner' vs '#MostUndeservingWinnerInBB16' - Social media divided into two parts after Bigg Boss declared Stan as a winner

MC Stan has become the winner of Bigg Boss season 16. MC Stan has won the trophy by keeping behind two big players like Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary.  Shiv hold the second position while Priyanka ended in the third position on the grand finale night.

bigg boss 16 winner stan

As soon as MC Stan was declared the winner, social media flooded with messages. People started congratulating MC Stan for winning the title and MCStanBB16Winner started trending.

People started talking about Stan's journey in the house and calling him a true winner as he was the most honest person in the house. People started talking that their own Basti Ka Hasti, the common man, has won the show and he was the most deserving contestant to win the show.

But along with this trend, there was a large section of viewers who believed the totally opposite. They stated it was an unfair decision and MC Stan did not deserve to win the show.

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Shiv Thakare fans did not agree with the winner at all. They started calling MC Stan the most undeserving winner of Bigg Boss. They started trolling Bigg Boss and Stan with MostUndeservingWinnerInBB16. 

They told that Stan has done nothing notable in the house. He was not interested in any task and even on the grand finale day he was not doing the task with Archana. Stan always wanted to go home from the beginning of the show and Bigg Boss has made him the winner.

Bigg Boss fans are expecting Priyanka and Shiv as the top 2 finalists of the show but it did not happen. Stan shocked everyone by fetching the trophy of Bigg boss season 16 from them.

What are your thoughts on Stan winning the show? Do you agree with the decision or not? Tell us below.

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