Bigg Boss 17 18 October Episode 4 Written Updates: Abhishek emotional, Neil - Aishwarya on rose date and other highlights

Bigg Boss 17 18 October Episode Written Updates

> Anurag told Mannara that the tea she has made is tasting like hot water. If she could not make tea he will make himself. Mannara told that he drunk the tea and did bad mouthing of her too. 

> Abhishek was seen clarifying with Sunny about his involvement with the other housemates. Abhishek told that Sunny was personal and that's why he nominated him.

> Munawar seen speaking in cameras about his observations for various housemates. He talked about Sunny and Abhishek first. Later, he talked about Anurag, aka Babubhaiya, aka UK rider, that he has understood Anurag very well. Munawar told that Anurag is in the house with pre decided mind and he avoids talking with him and steals eye contact.

> Khanzadi was seen talking with Sunny and Soniya about the serial group members. She told that she is not interested talking with them.

> Sunny and Arun were seen having fun with Navid with his Hindi ascent of Tehalka Macha Denge. 

> Munawar and Abhishek were seen talking about relationships of the housemates in the garden area. Munawar told that Ankita, Vicky, Aishwarya and Neil were very close initially. Now they are not that close enough. 

> Neil told Mannara that he has liked the tea which was made by her.

> Mannara and Anurag seen talking about house work in the garden area. Mannara told that she did not know about house work. But now gradually she is learning and doing better than many of the housemates. Mannara also told that serial actors are gone ahead by manipulation while youtubers like Anurag is succeeded with the hard work by his own.

> Bigg Boss put a message on the safe board to tell housemates that there is a member in the house who interfere in each and every matter and ruin the conversation going between housemates. Bigg Boss advised to know that person and stay safe. Vicky told that he finds himself that person. 

> Abhishek was seen talking with Munawar about his affection towards Isha. Abhishek told that he is talking with other people and it is working for him as cure. But when he sees her than his body started shivering. Abhishek told that he likes Isha very much and destiny is keeping their close. Abhishek had tears in his eyes. Munawar also had tears in his eyes resembling his memories.

> Bigg Boss called all the housemates and told that Neil and Aishwarya are like lost children in the house. Later Bigg Boss sent Neil and Aishwarya to the garden of roses for the date. Bigg Boss told them that they are together but not even equal to single contestant. 

> Neil and Aishwarya discussed about the things in the house. Neil told Aishwarya that people in the house are trying to separate them. Aishwarya told Neil that Ankita and Vicky talks about them. They both said that they observed things going in the house but did not react on those things. Bigg Boss advised Neil and Aishwarya to play together not against each other.

> Bigg Boss asked Vicky whether this date will help them. Vicky denied about it.

> Isha and Ankita talked with Mannara about calling Vicky as Isha's brother. Ankita advised Mannara not to talk in that manner. 

> Ankita and Abhishek got into fight for wasting of food issue. 

> Anurag and Aishwarya also got in fight with duties issue. Munawar also joined against Anurag.

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