Bigg Boss 17 24 October Episode Written Updates: Nomination special, Bigg Boss changed rooms of housemates and other highlights


bigg boss 17 written updates 24 october episode

The episode was nomination special but Abhishek's affection for Isha was also the highlight of the show. Abhishek's obsession towards Isha in turning into aggression behavior of Abhishek. Abhishek told Isha aggressively not to behave different with him than others.

Bigg Boss changed room of housemates

Bigg Boss changed housemates house as they were not performing as the respective house members were supposed to do. Bigg Boss moved Mannara from Dil to Dimmag house and Abhishek from Dimmag to Dil house.

Dil house members: Vickey, Ankita, Neil, Aishwarya, Isha and Abhishek.

Dimmag house members: Munawar, Mannara, Jigna, Khanzaadi, Rinku and Naved.

Dum house members: Anuraag, Arun, Sunny, Sana and Soniya. 

Bigg Boss 17 Nominations Week 2

Bigg Boss called Dimaag house members to the archive room. Bigg Boss told that this room is the control center of the house this season. Dimaag house members can see all the footages of the house members. 

Bigg Boss called Dum house members first for the nominations process. Bigg Boss asked them to give 8 names for the nominations from all the houses. Bigg Boss sent nomination board for the process and gave 10 minutes for the decision.

Dum house members nominated - Abhishek, Neil, Aishwarya, Rinku, Isha, Munawar, Khanzaadi, Naved.

After that, Bigg Boss gave nomination board to the Dil house. Nomination board was with photos of contestants nominated by Dum housemates. Bigg Boss asked them to give names of 6 contestants for nominations from the given 8 names.

Dil house members nominated - Neil, Aishwarya, Rinku, Munawar, Khanzaadi, Naved.


At the end, Bigg Boss gave power to Dimaag house members to replace 3 names from the 6 nominated contestants. They replaced Rinku, Naved and Munawar with Soniya, Sana and Sunny. 

Bigg Boss 17 week 2 nominated contestants

  1. Khanzadi
  2. Soniya
  3. Neil
  4. Aishwarya
  5. Sana
  6. Sunny

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