Bigg Boss 17 Episode 2 Written Updates: Bigg Boss takes charge of the house on the very first day of the show

Bigg Boss 17 Episode 2 - 16 October Episode Written Updates: Bigg Boss 17 has taken pace from the very first episode this year. In today's episode, houses allotted to the housemates, Abhishek and Isha in love hate mode and Bigg Boss' jibe on Vicky on his actions were the key points.

Bigg Boss 17 Episode 2 - 16 October Episode Written Updates

> Episode started with discussion of room between Mannara, Abhishek, Isha and Munawar. Mannara told Abhishek that she was allotted first room on the stage while entering the house. Abhishek disagreed on this point. Isha and Abhishek fights over this issue.

> In the garden area, Soniya tells Khanzadi that Mannara is a mad girl and she knew her nature from the first time she met her.

> Bigg Boss gathered all the housemates early morning 4.15 in the living area for the house allotment. Bigg Boss told that I am accused of being biased every year. So this year, Bigg Boss will keep favoring openly this season. Bigg Boss will do everything for the show. People, who will be good for the show, will also remain good for the Bigg Boss. 

And people, who will be useless for the show will be same for the Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss' game of biasedness and favoritism starts from here, told Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss also advised housemates to stay entertaining for the show with their original personalities. Bigg Boss added that there will be no space for the things thought from the previous seasons.
  • Contestants who choose Dil house -  Vicky, Isha, Aishwarya, Manara, Ankita, Neil.
  • Contestants who choose Dimaag house - Soniya, Sana, Jigna, Anurag, Navid, Arun.
  • Contestants who choose Dum house - Khanzadi, Rinku, Abhishek, Sunny, Munawar.

>In the morning, Rinku and Abhishek seen bowed down to the Bigg Boss banner in the garden house.

> Bigg Boss introduced new anthem for this season which is mandatory to sing for every housemate in the morning. 

> Bigg Boss called Sana in the confession room and made her realize that Dimaag house should control the house and all the Dimaag house members should remember that thing.

> Abhishek requested Bigg Boss to change his house from Dum to Dil. Later, Abhishek and Soniya indulged into fight for the bed change reason which was a prank by Vicky with other housemates included. 

> Bigg Boss also exposed fake personality of Vicky while Vicky was talking with Abhishek and Mannara. Bigg Boss called Vicky madari and Abhishek bandar. Bigg Boss also took a jibe at Vicky not choosing Dimaag house.

>  Later, Ankita advised Vicky to tell truth on face without dramatizing it.

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