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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Bigg Boss 14 9 October Full Episode Written Updates: Rubina acts over smart and housemates lost a thing

Bigg Boss 14, 9 October Full Episode Written Updates:  This was episode 7 of Bigg Boss season 14. Let's check what happened in the bigg boss house in this full episode written updates. 

Bigg Boss 14 : 9 October Full Episode Written Updates


The episode starts with Day 5, evening 6:15 PM. Nikki tells Abhinav that she did not found tissue when she checked there. Pavitra is doing this for content. (Nikki is telling about Pavitra and Rahul's fight in episode 6). 

Jasmin comes to Nikki and tries to speak with her. Nikki tells Jasmin to be double dholki in her matter. Nikki tells that Jasmin is back beaching her in front of Gauhar.   

Pavitra tells Nikki that it could be her way to give content like this. Pavitra tells Nikki that she can not speak anything she wants. Conversion between these two gets uglier again.

Nikki and Jaan talks about the things. Shehzad passes from there and tells Nikki that he is not interested to listen to her talks as her talks will be senseless and worthless. Shehzad tells that he finds this irritating.  

Jaan and Shehzad also gets into a verbal spat over Nikki's talk with Jaan. Jaan tells Shezas that he is not driven by Nikki. Jaan also tells Nikki not to speak in his talks.

At 9 PM, Sara, Nishant, and Anubhav doing fun in the garden area. Sara tells that she needs a bikini and she wants to give it to Eijaz. Nishant tells that he is ready to give his bikini which was given him to wear to become accepted fresher. Nishant makes fun of Eijaz with Anhubhav and Sara. 

The seniors had a good time in the bedroom leaving all the members there with a smile. 

Day 6 starts with the song Ghani Bawari Hogi from the movie Tanu weds Manu returns. Shehzad and Eijaz discuss about powers given to the senior.

Nishant asks freshers about the 7 things which will be taken from the mall. Nikki tells she needs all the 7 things. Other members also demand a high number of things.  

Rubina argues foolishly for the shoes to be considered in a pair or individual.  Hina decides to count a single shoe as one item. Housemates not happy with Rubina for her stupid behavior.

Abhinav tries to understand Rubina to handle the situation calmly and not to give chance to any housemate to point out at her. 

All the freshers tells Rubina that she did not have to raise this point of shoe. The freshers were already getting a pair and now they will have to lose one thing for the pair of shoes. Rubina also falls into an angry discussion with Gauhar and Sidharth Shukla. 

Bigg Boss house in danger Task

Bigg Boss gives the new task to freshers to get the immunity. Freshers have to clinch the immunity from Abhinav and Nikki to become safe from the bigg boss 14 nominations

In the task, Abhinav and Nikki have to sit on bulldozer scooper and freshers will try to make them stand from their places.

Only 2 members can try at a time to make Abhinav and Nikki leave their places. Freshers are not allowed to throw water during the task. The final decision will be of the seniors if any issue occurs during the task.

Abhinav tells Rubina to observe the things during the task. Abhinav tells that all things will be on camera but he wants to know who will do the things which are harmful to the body.

The buzzer rings, Abhinav and Nikki take their places and Pavitra with Nishant comes to make Abhinav and Nikki stand. Nishant sprays on Abhinav's face and Bigg Boss orders not to do that.

Rahul sprays a whole bottle of foam on Nikki to make her stand. Pavitra gets success to take the sit of Nikki. The task is going to be dirtier to get immunity for sure. Let's see how this task goes and who gets immunity. 

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