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Friday, October 9, 2020

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 6 Written Update: Nikki wins task, Emotional Eijaz, Rubina now accepted fresher

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 6 Written Update: Sid's Island task was given to freshers in bigg boss episode 5. Let's check that who won the immunity task and became safe from nomination and other things in this bigg boss 14 6th episode written update. This episode was aired on 8th October 2020.

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 6 Written Update 8 october

The episode starts with day 4 evening 4:15 PM. The buzzer rings and the second round of Sid's Island task begins.

After the completion of the second round, Sid's garage, Sidharth Shukla puts Rubina in the rejected contestants list. Now Pavitra, Nikki and, Jasmin moves for the final round, Sid's beach cafe.

Shehzad tells Hina that Sara is cute and bubbly. She is also from Punjab.

Round 3 of the task starts and Sidharth pours a drink in the contestants' glasses. All the three female contestants starts moving with full glasses.

Shehzad drops two glasses of Nikki Tamboli. Nikki then puts down Pavitra's glasses. Pavitra drops Jasmin's tray. Pavitra follows Jasmin to drop everything in the tray. Jasmin tells Pavitra not to be psycho.

Pavitra slams Nikki telling that she is a fool. Sidharth Shukla and Shehzad gets into a verbal spat over Shehzad's behavior with the girls in the task.

Bigg Boss announces the end of the task at 9:45 PM. Bigg Boss asks Sidharth to declare the winner of the task. Sidharth declares Nikki as the winner of the task, Sid's Island. Nikki has tears in the eyes. 

Bigg Boss announces that Nikki is the winner of the task so she is getting immunity and she will be safe in the nominations this week.  

Hina tells Nikki that she can put her points but she should not abuse anyone in the house. Nikki agrees. Nikki comes to Shehzad and tells him sorry.

Abhinav tells Rubina and Nishant that Sidharth has sympathy for Nikki and that is the reason Sidharth gave immunity to Nikki. Rubina adds that if Shehzad had done the same thing with Jasmin or Pavitra, Sidharth would have not said anything.

Day 5 starts with Gauhar Khan's song. Hua Chookra Jawan Re. Pavitra again tells Eijaz that she wants to see the fearless Eijaz Khan about whom she has heard.

Sara tells Shehzad that she is from Haryana. Shehzad replies that he knows that and many other things. Sara tells him not to speak a word about it. 

Nishant gets angry as some of the housemates are not washing their dishes. Rahul tells Jaan to eat less chutney with paratha, Jaan advice him to mind his own business. Nishant and Rahul also get in the arguments for the same reason.

Shehzad praises Pavitra for her dance performance in the second round of Sid's Island task.

Nikki tells that she doesn't want anything from the mall today. Nishant and Jaan gives a standing ovation to Nikki.

Eijaz Khan talks to the camera that his goodness is being misused.  Eijaz adds that men and women are not equal. Women are creators while men are catalysts. He is telling this because his mother is no more. Eijaz has tears in his eyes.

Jasmin is upset as her skin is drying and she has nothing to apply on the skin. Rubina blames Bigg boss that he is braeking the spirit of contestants and torturing them on national television.

 Sidharth tells Gauhar and Hina that freshers are in the shells of do and not to do. The seniors discuss that Rubina is not understanding that this is the Bigg boss house not a spa.

Bigg Boss calls all the housemates in leaving area. Bigg Boss asks Hina about the BB mall and about Bigg boss' interfearance in the task. Hina denies that there is no interfearance of Bigg Boss. Then Bigg Boss slams Rubina and Jasmin over their discussion of torture for the things. 

Bigg Boss also announces the next and last task of immunity will be declared very soon. Bigg Boss gives a chance to Rubina to become accepted member of the house but for that Rubina has to leave immunity task.

Rubina accepts to come in the house and risk her immunity. Bigg Boss allows Rubina to sit now as she's now accepted fresher.

Pavitra tells Rahul about his bathroom cleaning duty. Rahul gets angry and tells Pavitra that she also not making good food. The war of words becomes uglier.

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