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Bigg Boss 14 Episode 2 Written Updates: Sidharth Gauhar and Hina are new Bigg Boss for the next 14 Days

 Bigg Boss 14 Episode 2 Written Updates Date 4/10/2020: All the contestants are in the house, bigg boss rule book for the next 14 days and, contestants first day in the house. 

Let's check what happened in the second episode of bigg boss 14 in this written update. The episode was aired on 4 October 2020.

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 2 Written Updates Date 4/10/2020:

Day 1 4th October 2020 6:00 AM

All three seniors, Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan, and Sidharth Shukla enter the house from the main gate. Bigg Boss orders all the housemates foregather in the leaving room area. Bigg Boss welcomes all the contestants in the house.

Bigg Boss informs freshers contestants that only the contestants selected by seniors will go ahead in the show. Bigg Boss praises Gauhar Khan for setting the benchmark in the house for not breaking a single rule in bigg boss season 7.  Gauhar will create some rules and tell it to the housemates.

After that, Bigg Boss praises Hina Khan for her integrity in the tasks during season 11 and also tells that Hina will try to make all the tasks more tougher for the contestants.

Now Bigg Boss turns towards Sidharth, Shukla. Bigg Boss praises Sidharth for his truthfulness and tells housemates that Sidharth will judge all the contestants on the regular basis. 

This process will continue for the next two weeks. Bigg Boss also tells that during these 2 weeks, all the contestants status will be TBC means To Be Confirmed. The contestants who will pass the challenges given by seniors will be confirmed and will go ahead in the show.

Bigg Boss tells that all the four rejected contestants will remain in the garden area till the next order from bigg boss and seniors. Bigg Boss called Gauhar in the confession room.

Bigg Boss gave a rule book to Gauhar khan and told her to read it in front of all the contestants. Bigg Boss also called the rejected contestants in the garden area.

Contestants, freshers, must have to follow the rules, and the seniors' responsibility is to make freshers to follow the rules of the rule book. Seniors are the biggest authorities in the house, read Gauhar from the rule book.

Gauhar, the Kitchen Queen

Gauhar further reads about her responsibility in the house. All the kitchen powers belong to Gauhar Khan as of now. Who will cook in the kitchen will also be decided by Gauhar and all the freshers must obey Gauhar in the kitchen duty.

Food quantity and type will also decide Gauhar Khan. Rejected freshers will also get food on Gauhar's order only. Seniors are allowed to eat whatever they want in any quantity. 

Kitchen work to be done under Gauhar's surveillance.  Not even a tea is allowed without Gauhar's permission.

Sidharth, the Bedroom Badshah

According to the rule book, Sidharth has all the powers related to the bedroom area. Sidharth Shukla will decide to allow fresher in the bedroom or not. Sidharth will also decide which bed is given to freshers.

Freshers, who are not allowed in the bedroom by Sidharth, have to stay in the other area of the house. Also, not a single thing can be taken out of the bedroom without Sidharth's permission. Cleaning of the bedroom is done by freshers under the surveillance of Shuklaji.

Hina, luxury queen

BB Mall, BB Gym, Spa, and other luxuries will be under the control of Hina Khan. The luggage of all the contestants will remain in the BB mall. Per day only 7 items can be used by freshers. Seniors are allowed to use the BB mall things whenever they want.

Seniors are all allowed to use the BB Spa at any time. Hina Khan will also decide the gym rules. Only her allowed freshers can use the gym.  

Day 1 4th October 2020 7:30 AM

Rahul Vaidya is trying to get the kiss from Nikki Tamboli as per the secret task given by the seniors. Nikki is asking the reason for that while Rahul tells her to understand the situation. Nikki refused Rahul's request.

Day 1 4th October 2020 7:45 AM

Rahul moved to Pavitra for his secret task and requested her to kiss him. After a few funny moments, Pavitra gave a kiss and task accomplished for Rahul Vaidya. Shehzad Deol was the witness as per the task requirement.

Day 1 4th October 2020 8:00 AM

Sidharth Shukla and Jasmin talking to each other. Jasmin requesting Sidharth to allow her bed. Jasmin tells to Sidharth that he is a senior and he should make freshers feel good and welcoming. After some cute and funny moments, Sid allows Jasmin for a bedroom.

Here comes Nikki and tells Sidharth to allow that bed. Also, she tells Sid that she doesn't need a partner now. Nikki tells that she needs a cute and talkative person as a partner. She denies of Aijaz, Rahul,  and Shehzad. Sidharth allows Nikki her desired bed.

Day 1 4th October 2020 8:15 AM

Shehzad asks Sidharth to allow bed. He tells Sidharth that he will be a loyal ally to him and will do whatever Sidharth say. Sidharth makes fun of Shehzad and the bedroom area filled with laughter.

Day 1 4th October 2020 9:00 AM

Rejected contestants, Nishant and Rubina tries to sleep on the floor in the garden area. Nishant is not happy and tells Rubina that where they have come. They also talk about things needed to stay there.

Day 1 4th October 2020 2:30 PM

Freshers doing cleaning work in the kitchen where Eijaz talks about Nikki. They both talk about Nikki's statement of sending a good boy in the house. 

After that Nikki tells Bigg Boss in cameras that she will not clean the plates because her nails will get spoiled.

Day 1 4th October 2020 4:00 PM

Gauhar tells Pavitra to start cook as she knows it. Gauhar asks Shehzad to help in cutting vegetables. Shehzad tells that he doesn't know but will learn in 2 or 3 days. Sidharth helps in cutting and get a little cut on the finger. 

Day 1 4th October 2020 6:30 PM

Rahul Vaidya and Shehzad Deol talking to each other sitting on the sofa. Rahul tells Shehzad to stay cool with Nikki. Shehzad tells Rahul about Sara Gurpal. Shehzad says that he knows Sara from outside too. She is not that nice as she is behaving here. 

Day 1 4th October 2020 8:45 PM

Gauhar advises Eijaz not to close himself from others in the house. Eizaj says that he is excited to stay in the house. Gauhar agrees that.

Day 1 4th October 2020 10:30 PM

Work bifurcation starts. Nikki and Shehzad again get into arguments overwork. Nikki refuses to wash plates as she is conscious of her nails. Jasmin tells her that she has to work. She is in the house not in the fashion show.

Nikki says that she is ready to clean the whole house but she can not wash the plates. Jasmin tells that this is a very bad excuse. You are not in Sasural, Jasmin added.

Day 1 4th October 2020 10:45 PM

Rejected contestants are not looking happy with seniors. Rubina tells that they have the advantage of nothing to lose and just have to observe the things and this observance limit is set by their selves only. 

Nishant angrily tells that they have come and will go after two weeks. Let them play and enjoy. After 2 weeks we will start our own journey. If seniors want to nominate them, they can. Please nominate and go.

Eijaz, Jasmin, and Pavitra tell Nikki for her bad behavior over dish wash. They make her realize that she is giving wrong excuses. Jasmin and Nikki again get into heated arguments here. 

Jasmin is upset with Nikkis and Jasmin tells that Nikki's way of talking is rubbish and she walks away. 
Nikki cries in the garden area while Eijaz and Hina tries to keep her calm.


Day 1 4th October 2020 11:30 PM

Jasmin cries in front of Sidharth in the bedroom. Sidharth tries to keep her silent and tells her not to cry. Sidharth says that Nikki is doing work and everyone will do it in their own way. 

Nikki in the garden area tells Jaan Sanu and Nishant about Rahul Vaidya. She tells them that Rahul sends messages and voice notes to her on social media.

Late-night Pavitra Punia and Rahul sitting on the bench in the garden area. Pavitra tells Rahul that she needs to change her career as much as she can. Pavitra also added that she wants to try new things in her personal life too and explore life as much as possible.

Day 2, 8:00 AM 

Day started with the song Ha main galat from love Aaj Kal firse movie.  Hina tells bigg boss on camera that she is going to make things hard for the housemates. She will not give contestants alk the things easily. 

Sehjad and Nikki again on arguments for the task given by Sidharth and Hina Khan. It will be interesting to see how contestants will go in the house as we have seen a lot of things on a very initial days.

If you have missed this episode, you can watch this bigg boss 14 episode online too, and stay tuned with us for all the bigg boss 14 updates.

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