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Bigg Boss 14 Episode 3 Written Updates: Sidharth Punkab Ka Jija, First Task of BB14 and many more...

 Bigg Boss 14 Episode 3 Written Updates: After too much ruly episode 2 of bigg boss 14, it is time to move to Monday 5 October episode. Let's see the written update of bigg boss 14 and know what happened in the 3rd episode of BB14.

Bigg Boss 14 Episode 3 Written Updates

Bigg Boss episode 3 starts with the second day in the Bigg Boss House. Rahul is doing a workout and Pavitra comes to him. She sits on Rahul and tells Rahul to do pushups. 

Gauhar comes there and tells that they need to take permission of seniors before using the gym. Gauhar tells Rahul that they should take permission else it will be difficult for them only. Gauhar informs Hina and Hina too warns freshers not to use the gym without permission.

Shehzad comes to Nikki and advice her to speak a bit sweet. Shehzad tells Nikki that she is doing a lot of work in the house. So if she will be sweet to others then her did work will not wain.  

Sidharth, Nishant, Sara, Nikki sitting in the garden area and talks about doing the workout in the evening. Nikki asks who will help her in the workout? Sidharth agrees to help her. Sara doing fun this time.

Sara tells Sidharth that this is the wrong thing. Sara says that Sidharth is Jija of Punjab. Jasmin also makes fun and added that Sidharth Punjab ka Jija is good. The conversation brings happy moments for the viewers.

BB Entry Pass Task

Bigg Boss gives the first task of Bigg Boss season 14 named Entry Pass. In the task, the seniors will give various tasks to the rejected contestants. Rejected contestants must have to complete the tasks given by the seniors to get the rejected tag removed. 

Sidharth Shukla gives the first task to Rubina. Seniors tell Rubina that if she wants to come into the house, she will not get a single thing for the whole week. Rubina denies to do that.

Then seniors turn towards Nishant Malkani now. Hina asks Nishant to wear a bikini over his clothes for a week. Nishant agrees to do that. Gauhar asks Sara to cut her hair to shoulder and Sara agrees to do that within the moment.  

Sidharth tells Jaan Sanu to hold 5 KG weight for a minute at the shoulder level. Jaan Sanu agrees to do that and successfully completes the task.

Now the seniors again go back to Rubina for the second challenge. Gauhar asks Rubuna to eat all the Mirchis in 1 minute. Rubika tries the task but unfortunately could not complete it in the given time. Sara also told to grip the 5 kg dumbell at the shoulder level for a minute. Sara failed to do it.

Gauhar comes to Nishant for a new challenge. Gauhar tells Nishant that if he wants to come in the house he has to keep written rejected on his head for a whole week and whenever he will show the seniors, he has to say I was rejected. Nishant agrees to do that.

Seniors now ask Jaan Sanu for bald crow hair cut. Jaan agrees to do that and completes the task. Bigg Boss announces the completion of the BB Entry pass task.

Bigg Boss asks rejected contestants to give the name of the worst performer of the task. The worst performing contestant will stay as rejected till the next orders from Bigg Boss. 

Rejected contestants select Rubina as the worst performer. Bigg Boss allows all three rejected contestants to enter the house while Rubina will stay in the garden area. 

Jaan Sanu tells Gauhar that he is a big fan of Sidharth Shukla and feeling very happy that Sidharth has praised him.

Rubina and Jasmin get into a heated argument for the things to take from the mall. As only 7 things can be taken in total, freshers looks upset to take their own things. Rubina wants two things shoes and Chappal while Jasmin tells her to choose anyone. 

 Sara and Nikki also get into fights over things like hills and tops. Sara removes the top instantly and gives it back to Nikki Tamboli. Seniors manage to short the things between them.

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