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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates of Episode 5 aired on 7 October 2020

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates of Episode 6 aired on 7 October 2020: Bigg Boss 14 is getting the pick. Bigg Boss announced the nominations task of week 1 in episode 4. Now it will be interesting to see how freshers react in tasks to become safe from the nominations and evictions.

Let's check the bigg boss 14 episode 5 full updates in this post. This episode was aired on 7 October 2020 on Colors Channel.

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates of Episode 5 aired on 7 October 2020

Bigg Boss episode 5 starts with day 4 moring 8:00 am with bigg boss house morning song. Song is kya Karu o ladies main hu Aadat Se Majaboor. House is ready to do some tasks.

Freshers discuss things to be taken from the mall. Nikkis tells to Eijaz that she is missing her ex-boyfriend. So she wants her boyfriend's t-shirt and boxer from the mall. 

Rubina uses the bathroom in the house. Sidharth Shukla tells her that she can not use it. She has to use outside bathroom. Sidharth makes fun of Rubina in front of Abhinav saying that there are some rules and there are some Rubina Rules.

Rubina says that she will not obey the orders from the seniors. She will only listen to the Bigg Boss.

Rubina tells freshers that they should vote for the things as Nikki sticks to her 2 things demand. Nikki tells Rubina that she should stay outside of the house.

In the garden area, Rubina tells Nishant that housemates should not give attention to Nikki. Nishant tells Rubina that we have to give her attention as she is demanding the things. 

Jasmin tells housemates that they are fools as they are giving attention to Nikki in every foolish thing. 

Nikki tells in the camera that she is not going to sacrifice her things for the housemates. Nikki adds that nobody in the house is her friend and people are also becoming fake in the house.

Pavitra also tells Eijaz not to give much importance to Nikki over foolish things. Pavitra tells Eijaz that he is a very popular name in the industry and he should not suppress himself here.

Gauhar tries to make Nikki understand to give up things but Nikki refuses to do so and housemates are a little upset with Nikki for her stubborn nature.

Pavitra tells Gauhar that she will steal things if she is not getting it in straightway. Pavitra tells Gauhar that she doesn't like to get into dirty things.

Gauhar tells freshers that they will not get food until the things issues get cleared.

Shehzad tells Nikki to understand the things as she is the reason for this issue. Shehzad also tells Nikki to use her brain. Pavitra also tells Nikki to be little adjusting. But Nikki denies all the arguments. 

Nishant agrees to give up his things for Nikki as Nikki promises to leave things the next day. Sara and Jaan tells Nishant not to give support to Nikki as she will become more stubborn.

Nishant dives into heated arguments with housemates for leaving his thing. Nishant tells housemates that he wants food for him and for housemates too. He can not stay hungry for a long time. Nishant tells the housemates to leave this point now and to move on. 

Bigg Boss calls all the housemates in the leaving area. Bigg Boss gives a chance to Rubina to become accepted fresher from the rejected. But for that, Abhinav has to lose his immunity which he won from the task.

Abhinav refuses to do so and Bigg Boss tells that Rubina will stay in the garden area as Abhinav refused to hive immunity to her. Bigg Boss also warns Rubina for using furniture in the leaving area and orders the seniors to look properly into this issue.

Sidharth Shukla comes to Nikki and makes her understand. Surprisingly, Nikki ready to give up her things within moments. 

Bigg Boss gives a task named Sid Island

Bigg Boss gives one more task to housemates to become safe from the nomination this week. The task is named Sid Island. For the task, the garden area was converted into the island. Sid is the dashing and handsome owner of the island.

All the female freshers have come to the island. They will try to impress Sidharth and also try to create chemistry with Sidharth. The female fresher, who will succeed in impressing Sidharth, will be the winner of the task and also be safe from the nominations.

Sid's island has 3 main parts. Sid's Tattoo parlor, Sid's Garage, and Sid's beach cafe. The task will be done in the 3 rounds. After 2 rounds of the task, Sidharth will remove a girl from the task. After the last round, Sidharth will make a fresher girl safe from the nominations.

The first round of the task starts and all the female freshers come to Sidharth one by one for the tattoo. Now it will be interesting to see how this task will go today. You can also watch online this episode.

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