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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

First nomination and eviction of bigg boss 14, written update 12th October 2020 big boss episode updates day 10



Episode 10 of Bigg Boss 14 starts with day 9 in the house. Disco Diwane is the morning song or call it wake up song for the housemates. Lets' check all the important updates from Bigg Boss 14 episode 10 in this full episode written update.


Day 9, 10:45 AM

Eijaz asks Gauhar to use the gym. Gauhar tells that the gym is under Hina's control, not mine. Then Eijaz asks the same to Nikki and Nikki also replies the same.  

Day 9, 11:00 AM

Jaan, Abhinav, Nishant, Rubina sit in the garden area. Jaan talks about his ex-girlfriend with them. Eijaz in the kitchen area, tells Rahul and Sara that look they are playing a game. Effect of yesterday's episode.

Day 9, 11:15 AM

Discussion about house duties begins. Sara tells housemates that she has nothing with her. Neither makeup nor skincare and clothes. Eijaz leaves his things for Sara. 

Pavitra tells that if she will get 7 things today, she will not take anything to the next day. Abhinav tells Pavitra that she can not use 7 things in a day and advises her to be reasonable. Rahul tells that this is not relevant.

Sara tells that she has nothing to wear and she is tired of wearing other people's clothes in the house. Sara adds that this is not about jewelry, this is about clothes. Shehzad also agrees to Sara.

Day 9, 11:30 AM

Eijaz tells Jaan that instead of making fun of me, focus on the game. Eijaz tells that he is telling to everyone. Jaan asks Eijaz why he feels that they are making fun of him. Eijaz tells that this was written on the board. (he is talking about weekend ka vaar Sunday episode.)

Rahul and Abhinav gets into a verbal fight for Chicken. Rahul tells Abhinav that his talks are senseless and bogus. 

Nikki ironing the boxers of his ex-boyfriend. Jaan asks Nikki if she loved her so much then why she left her. In reply, Nikki tells that she was bored of him. Pavitra laughs and tells that she is also like Nikki.


Day 9, 7:45 PM

Jasmin and Eijaz talk in the garden. Eijaz tells that he did not want to tell that she got things from Eijaz. Eijaz tells that he has expected that Jasmin will take his name. Hina Khan tells Gauhar and Sidharth that she has respect for Eijaz but his timing is wrong.

Eijaz and Jasmin hug each other. Jasmin tells that they are done in this issue. Sidharth comes and makes fun of Jasmin for this.

Day 9, 8:15 PM

Jaan, Nishant, and Nikki talk about Rubina. Jaan asks Nikki what she thinks about Rubina. Nishant tells that Rubina is like a teacher. Rubina believes that all things should be done according to her, tells Nishant.

Rubina tells Abhinav and Sara that the table will not turn around you if they do not speak. Rubina tells them that Nikki is telling and she annoys everyone but giving masala and tadaka to the show.

Jaan comes to Rubina and tells her that they will do dish cleaning at a time together.  Rubina agrees to do that. Jaan left the place. Rubina tells Abhinav and Sara that Jaan was trained by Nikki. Sara tells that she doesn't like this kind of foolishness. 

Day 10, 12:00 PM

Jasmin tells Jaan to reduce the things to take from the mall. Jasmin also advises Jaan to play independently. Jasmin tells Jaan that she has observed these things and Jaan is not here to be someone's sidekick.  Jaan disagrees with Jasmin.

Hina tells Jasmin that she will give her things from the mall. But for that, Jasmin has to give reasons for the housemates whom she wants to give things, whom she doesn't with valid reason.

Jasmin gives two things to Nishant and two things to Jaan. Shehzad tells Jasmin to give reason for the things she is not giving to the other housemates. Shehzad and Pavitra tell that they do not agree with Jasmin. Jasmin gives one item to Eijaz, one item to Shehzad, and one jacket to Abhinav. 

Day 10, 4:30 PM, Bigg Boss 14 Nominations week 1

Bigg Boss calls all the housemates in the garden area and informs them of the first nomination of the season. In this process, every housemate will nominate two members by giving valid reasons. 

Nikki is confirmed housemate, so she will be safe from the nominations this week.

For the nomination process, the housemate will take a pot, stick the housemate's photo to whom they want to nominate, and break the pot after giving the reason for nomination. The nomination process starts with Nishant.

  • Nishant nominates Shehzad and Rahul
  • Eijaz nominates Rahul and Nishant
  • Abhinav nominates Rahul and Nishant
  • Jasmin nominates Nishant and Jaan
  • Jaan nominates Rahul and Sara
  • Rubina nominates Nishant and Eijaz
  • Pavitra nominates Rahul and Eijaz
  • Rahul nominates Abhinav and Nishant
  • Shehzad nominate Nishant and Jaan
  • Sara nominates Jaan and Rahul
  • Nikki nominates Shehzad and Abhinav

Bigg Boss announces the end of the nominations process. At the end of the nominations, nominated members are: Nishant, Rahul, Shehzad, Jaan, Sara, Eijaz, and Abhinav.

Now, Bigg Boss tells the senior to announce the name of the contestant who will be eliminated today. Bigg Boss gives some time to seniors for the discussion. 

Day 10, 6:15 PM

Seniors discuss names to be evicted. Hina and Gauhar tell the names of Nishant and Rahul. Sidharth tells Sara. Hina agrees on Rahul, Gauhar on Nishant while Sidharth on Sara. Sidharth tells that he feels Sara is fake.

Hina and Gauhar tells Sidharth to give the benefit of doubt to Sara. Sidharth tells that he is talking from the game point of view. Sidharth sticks on Sara's name and all the three seniors agree on Sara.

Bigg Boss asks seniors for their decision. Sidharth gives the explanation for taking the name. Sidharth tells that they are taking Sara's name with a heavy heart for the eviction this week.

Sara leaves the house with tears in her eyes. Housemates are also feeling bad for Sara. They have also tears in their eyes. Jaan is feeling bad as he was the only one who nominated Sara.

Nishant, Jaan, and Rahul sitting in the garden area. Nishant tells to go ahead in the group. Rahul tells that he was feeling alone in the house. Nishant tells that he also feels the same.

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