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Captaincy Task with full of emotions, Bigg Boss 14 episode 20 written updates, 22 October full Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss 14 episode 20 written updates, 22 October full Episode Highlights: Eijaz and Pavitra's fight in Jaan Bachi to Lakho Paye task and race to become the first captain of Bigg Boss season 14. Check all the details and highlights of bigg boss 14 episode 20 written updates.

Bigg Boss 14 episode 20 written updates, 22 October full Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss gave captaincy task in the 21 October Episode and Eijaz and Pavitra stuck on the very first decision over Rubina and Abhinav. Pavitra told Eijaz that he had done a mistake by disclosing the old discussion of nominations.

Eijaz told that he did because he was affected by that decision. Pavitra told Eijaz that he was playing with her emotions. Eijaz told he had also emotions and Pavitra betrayed him. Arguments and voices were too high to hear and bear.

Nishant told Jaan in the kitchen area that this is a scene for them to perform. Beautiful scene. Jaan told Nishant that Nikki has no brain so she could not be captain of the house. 

Nishant and Abhinav discussed the strategy and agreed not to make captain any of Nikki and Rahul. Nishant added that even Rahul does not want that Nikki becomes the captain of the house.  

Meanwhile, Eijaz and Pavitra were still fighting for who came the last from the house. Eijaz told Pavitra that nobody would get anything by sticking like this. Pavitra told that she saw herself and she could not be blind. Rahul tried to understand Pavitra. Pavitra told that Rahul is not a moderator. 

Finally, bigg boss interfered in between and Pavitra and Eijaz and warned them. Bigg Boss told them this is the first task for the captaincy of the house so bigg boss is not taking any hard action on them. 

Bigg Boss removed both the contestants Rubina and Abhinav from the task as Abhinav had Jasmin's doll and Rubina had Abhinav's doll, both Jasmin and  Abhinav removed from the captaincy task race. Bigg Boss also advised both the moderators to take decisions by mutual consent.

Jasmin was not happy with the bigg boss' decision. Jasmin told that moderators were not able to take decision is not her fault. Jasmin told bigg boss to take hard steps on moderators. Abhinav also blamed Eijaz and Pavitra for his disqualification.

The fire alarm rang and the second round of the task began. Rubina was the last but the doll which left was also of Rubina and Rubina could not pick her own doll as per the task rule. So the moderators decided to pick Rahul as he was the second last. Rahul had Nikki's doll so Nikki was out from the captaincy task.

Jaan told Nishant that he will pick each others doll and Nishant will come last. So Jaan will be out of the task. Jasmin told Jaan not to do like that and to play a fair game. Jaan was upset with Nikki's statement in which she told that Rubina's friends are real while her friends are fake.

The fire alarm rang and one more round of the task began. Jaan was the first to come out from the dollhouse while Nishant was second. Rahul and Rubina stayed in the house. Rahul had Rubina's doll in his hand while Rubina had Rahul's.

Rahul told Nishant that he committed to pick his doll. Nishant told Rahul that he has not cheated on him and requested him to come out from the dollhouse. Abhinav told Pavitra that they will stand by each other in the house. Although they stay together or not in the house.

Rahul walked out from the dollhouse and Rubina was the last. As Rubina had Rahul's doll, Rahul was out of the task. Rubina, Jaan, and Nishant were in the race of the captaincy task.

It was Nishant versus Jaan in the last round of the task. Nishant won the task and became the first captain of the house. 

Nikki was looking very upset with Jaan and Nishant. Rahul tried to make understand Nikki but she went to Pavitra in the red zone and started crying. Jaan also went back to Nikki in the red zone.

Bigg Boss ordered Nishant to call back both green zone members from the red zone and also advised him to follow the bigg boss rules. Pavitra looked backing Nikki in this issue.

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