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Game on with 3 Wild Card Entries in Bigg Boss 14 25 October Episode written Update and Highlights

Bigg Boss 14 25 October Episode written Update and Highlights: What happened in the Bigg Boss episode 23 aired on 25th October 2020, three wild card entries, and which wild card contestant becomes the captain of the house before entering the house? Know all the updates in this Bigg Boss 14 episode 23 written updates. 

Bigg Boss 14 25 October Episode written Update and Highlights

Salman told housemates in a funny way that Jasmin only running the Bigg boss house.  Salman asked Rubina where Jasmin is lacking in the house? Rubina replied that Jasmin is lacking and confused about whether to say or not to the housemates. Salman called Jasmin Katrina Kaif of television. 

Guru Randhawa and Nora Fatehi were the guests in the house to promote their music video, Naach Meri Rani Naach. Nora asked the boys about their heart queen in the house. Rahul named Nikki so do Jaan. Eijaz named Nora telling himself a big fan of her.

Housemates did the hook steps of the song Naach Meri Rani Naach and then boys did the Garmi song hook step. Salman also looked enjoying the steps.

Wild Card Entries of Bigg Boss season 14

Salman introduced two new wild card entries to the viewers by the dance performance of new members. Kavita Kaushik and Naina Singh were the first two wild card entries of bb14. 

We have already given their names as Bigg boss 14 contestants. At that time both refused about their participation in the show. On the day of the Bigg boss 14 grand premiere, Kavita tweeted that Muje hi nahi pata ki mai aaj dance kar rahi hu and refused her participation. 

Salman welcomed both the contestants on the stage. Salman told Kavita that he has been a big fan of her as a lady cop. Salman added that no one has done lady cop better than Kavita. Salman also played BBQ test game with both the contestants.

Later, Salman introduced the third wild card contestant of BB14, Shardul Pandit. Shardul is RJ, VJ, and television actor.

Screen Presence Task

Bigg Boss gave the task of screen presence time prediction. In the task, housemates had to guess the time they will appear on the television screen in the 60 minutes episode. The time must be decided by the mutual consent of the housemates.

Housemates failed to do so in the given time period as nobody willing to take less time period for themselves. Salman Khan introduced wild card contestants as a panel initially later told housemates that these three are wild card contestants of the Bigg boss season 14.

Salman Khan told the housemates that they have to give a name from the wild card contestants whom they want to send in the red zone. The task will be done by secret ballot paper voting. Housemates also have to give a valid reason for that.

Housemates gave their votes in which 4 votes gone for Naina and 4 votes for Shardul. While Kavita received one vote from Rubina. Salman told the twist of the game. Salman told that by receiving a single vote, Kavita is the new captain of the house. Kavita became the captain before entering the house.  

Jaan asked Jasmin what he did wrong by making a strategy to win the task. Jasmin told Jaan to stop being a lota. Jaan is off-balance, added Jasmin. The new contestants entered the house. 

Kavita advised Eijaz to be original in the show and not to copy anyone. Eijaz replied that he is original and not copying anyone in the show. Kavita told Eijaz that he was looking like copying Sidharth Shukla. Eijaz replied that it was just a similarity.

Kavita told Nikki, Pavitra, and Eijaz about Rubina that Rubina is very insecure in the house. Because of Rubina, Abhinav is not looking in the house. Kavita told that Rubina is such insecure that she made a foolish issue with Salman's fun. Eijaz told Kavita that Rubina is thinking that her game is with Bigg Boss.

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