Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates and Highlights of 2 February 2021 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates and Highlights of 2 February 2021 Full Episode: Know what happened in the nomination task, who became safe, and who got nominated in the 2 February 2021 Bigg Boss episode.

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates and Highlights of 2 February 2021 Full Episode

The episode started with the first magical sound of the nomination task given by Bigg Boss in 1 February Episode. Rubina was the first to go into the magical room.

  • The Magical Room Task

As Rubina was the first, the magical book was empty. Bigg boss tells Rubina to write the name of the contestant whom she wants to make safe. Rubina writes Abhinav's name in the book. 

In the second round of the task, Abhinav goes into the magical room. Abhinav decides to keep his name in the book.


Rakhi goes into the magical room in the third round. After a little drama, Rakhi decides to save Abhinav and she denies tearing the page. Rakhi tells the reason that she wants to make Abhinav's dream come true no matter how Abhinav is behaving with her.

Arshi goes in the next round and she also keeps Abhinav's name safe in the book. Arshi tells that she has just started knowing Abhinav and he is playing with dignity.

Rahul Vaidhya goes into the magical room next. Rahul tells that he wants to tear the page. While telling the reason, Rahul tells that Abhinav has lost his mental balance and he is also spoiling Rubina's game.

Aly is the next to get into the room and he writes Rahul's name to make him safe from the nominations. Aly gives the reason that Rahul is the only one who is close to him. So obvious he is saving Rahul.

Devoleena in the next turn decides to keep Rahul's name safe. Giving the reason for this, Devoleena tells that Rahul will support her in her strategy in the game. 

Nikki was the last in the task and also was the decider of the task. Nikki tells that Rahul is her close friend and she has a soft corner for him. So she decides to keep Rahul safe. Bigg Boss announces the completion of the task. Rahul remains safe from the nomination this week.

Devoleena tells Rakhi that if she was in the last, she would have torn the page. But Nikki was the last so if she had torn the page then Nikki would have written Rubina's name and make her safe. Devoleena added that Rahul and Aly are also wrong in this. Just Nikki had saved him, she is good. 

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