'The final will be played between...' - Shekhar Suman predicts finale between these two - Gives confirm TOP 4 contestants of BB16

Shekhar Suman Prediction: Bigg Boss 16 is heading towards the finale and people are keen to know who is going to be the Bigg Boss season 16 Winner. Stars and celebrities are giving their opinions about Bigg Boss 16 Winner and finale. Now the big statement has come from a person who is connected with the show.

bigg boss 16 winner prediction shekhar suman

Shekhar Suman is connected with BB16 since starting and his statements always make sense. Shekhar is hosting Bigg Bulletin in bigg boss season 16 every Sunday.

In one of his recent tweets, Shekhar Suman predicted the top 4 of Bigg Boss 16 and between whom the final battle will be fought. According to Shekhar, the final battle will be either between Priyanka and Shiv or between Priyanka and Archana. According to Shekhar, Archana Priyanka Shiv and Shalin will sure in the top 4 in the finale.

Shekhar wrote:
Archana Priyanka Shiv and Shalin definitely in top four and in the finale. The final will be played between Priyanka n Shiv or Priyanka n Archana. Either MC or Sumbul will be evicted next.Nimrit is safe.easy to guess the winner now.picture is quite clear.

If we believe in Shekhar Suman's words, Priyanka is definitely in the top 2 and he will have to battle with Archana and Shiv to win the show. What are your thoughts on this please tell us and stay tuned for the interesting finale week of BB16.

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  1. Totally agreed with Shekhar Suman. I think and I want Archana should win.

  2. Completely agreed with Shekhar Suman. I want Archana should win. She is the best.