Bigg Boss 17 Episode 3 Written Updates - Nomination task, Abhishek's aggression and much more in the episode

Bigg Boss 17 Episode 3 Written Updates: Bigg Boss' 17 October episode was full of happenings. First nominations of the season, Abhishek's over aggression with Arun and other events in this episode. Have a look at the episode 3 written updates.

Bigg Boss 17 Episode 3 Written Updates

> In the beginning of the episode, Abhishek seen saying sorry to Soniya for his behavior over bed issue in 16 October Episode. Soniya did the same.

> Arun and Abhishek indulged in the ugly fight with fart topic. The fight took the ugly face and Bigg Boss has to interrupt both of them. Bigg Boss warned Abhishek for his unnecessary provoking behavior with the housemates. 

> Bigg Boss called Ankita for the peace therapy, available only for the Dil house members on regular basis. Meanwhile Khanzaadi impressed other housemates with her rapping.

> Munawar and Jigna were upset on Anurag and Ankita for not doing the assigned duties.

Bigg Boss 17 Nominations Week 1

For the nomination task, Bigg Boss called all the different house contestants in their respective house and asked them a question for nomination. Bigg Boss asked the housemates that according to them, who is Bigg Boss' casting mistake this year.

In Dil house, Neil, Aishwarya, Isha and Vicky took Mannara's name. Mannara gave Isha's name while Ankita took Neil's name.

In Dimaag house, All the housemates took Navid's name and Navid took Arun's name.

In Dum House, Rinku and Abhishek tool Khanzaadi's name while Munawar, Khanzaadi and Sunny took Abhishek's name.

Bigg Boss 17 Nominated Contestants Week 1

After the nomination process, these contestants were nominated for the first week elimination.
  1. Mannara from Dil House
  2. Navid from Dimaag House
  3. Abhishek from Dum House

> Mannara and Navid were got emotional after nominations. Mannara was specially upset by the behavior of Vicky. Navid felt that he was nominated because he does not know Hindi.

> Bigg Boss also seen being sarcastic with Vicky and Munawar during the episode.

> What was your favorite moment of the show tell us via comment box. Stay tuned for Bigg Boss 17 Written Updates.

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